Five-year threat warning amid omicron fears as Met examines No 10 party complaint – .

Five-year threat warning amid omicron fears as Met examines No 10 party complaint – .

Boris Johnson receives Covid booster vaccine at St Thomas’ Hospital in London

The government has been warned “it will take a long time” for Covid to stop having a potentially damaging effect on festivities such as Christmas, amid concerns over the new omicron variant.

A report prepared by the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modeling, Operational subgroup (Spi-M) states that it will take “at least five more years for Covid-19 to settle into a predictable endemic state” – where the virus persists. background but does not threaten to cause widespread infection and overwhelm the NHS.

The scan – produced before omicron was detected – came as 75 more cases of the new variant were detected in England on Friday, doubling the UK total in a single day to at least 150.

Elsewhere, the Metropolitan Police said they would ‘investigate’ complaints from two Labor MPs that Boris Johnson and his No 10 staff held Christmas parties last December, as the rest of the country was on lockdown . “Our policy is not to systematically investigate retrospective violations of the Covid-19 regulations; however, we will review the correspondence received, ”the force said in a statement.

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Part 10: Barry Gardiner’s Letter to Cressida Dick

Following my last post, here is the letter from one of the complainants – Labor MP Barry Gardiner – wrote to Met Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick:
Sam HancockDecember 4, 2021 3:27 PM

BREAKAGE: met “in view” of complaints about Christmas n ° 10

Police say they are looking into complaints from Labor MPs that Boris Johnson and his No 10 staff held Christmas parties last December, in violation of Covid regulations.
Labor backbenchers Neil Coyle and Barry Gardiner have each written to Scotland Yard asking the Metropolitan Police to investigate reports that two parties have taken place in the run up to last Christmas at a time when many such gatherings were prohibited.
Mr Johnson did not deny that the events took place, but said no rules were broken, although he repeatedly declined to explain how that could be the case.
In a statement, the Met said that while it does not systematically investigate “retrospective” violations of Covid regulations, it does review the correspondence it has received. He added :
“The Metropolitan Police Department is aware of the numerous reports and has received correspondence regarding alleged violations of health protection regulations in a government building on two dates in November and December 2020. Our policy is not to systematically investigate retrospective violations of the Covid-19 regulations; however, we will consider any correspondence received.
In addition to letters from MM. Coyle and Barry, Labor deputy chief Angela Rayner previously wrote to Cabinet Secretary Simon Case asking if he was considering sending the case back to the Met.
Johnson has continually denied explaining how the parties adhered to Covid guidelines when under the rules parties were banned

(PA thread)

Sam HancockDecember 4, 2021 2:57 PM

14 more Covid-related deaths and one new omicron case in Scotland

Scotland has recorded 14 coronavirus-related deaths and 1,257 new cases in the past 24 hours, according to the latest Scottish government data.
A case of the new Omicron variant was confirmed around this time in the NHS Grampian, bringing the total number of people infected with the variant in Scotland to 30.
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has the highest number of new variant cases at 11, followed by NHS Lanarkshire with nine, five in NHS Forth Valley, three in NHS Highland and two in NHS Grampian.
Scottish ministers said Public Health Scotland was “aware of a treatment issue with UK government lab tests contributing to weaker-than-expected cases and tests” in daily figures and investigations are underway for solve the problem.
The daily measurement death toll, of people who tested positive for the virus for the first time in the previous 28 days, is 9,648.
As of Friday evening, there were also 605 people hospitalized with recently confirmed Covid-19 and, of these, 50 were in intensive care.
Sam HancockDecember 4, 2021 2:46 PM

In pictures: the Covid in the United Kingdom

Scottish FM Nicola Sturgeon receives her COVID booster vaccine on Saturday


A woman walks past signage outside a Covid pop-up vaccination center in Hammersmith, London

(AFP via Getty Images)

Shoppers walk along Oxford Street in central London as face masks return to some public spaces

(AFP via Getty Images)

Boris Johnson arrives at St Thomas’ Hospital in London on Thursday to receive his booster shot


Sam HancockDecember 4, 2021 2:32 PM

Thousands demonstrate against Dutch Covid restrictions

Now let’s move on to the Netherlands, where several thousand people gathered in the city of Utrecht in central Netherlands on Saturday to protest against new coronavirus restrictions that took effect last weekend.
Protesters marched through the city streets with banners saying “Medical Freedom Now!” And waving Dutch flags. A strong police presence was visible along the route of the march.
This is the first major protest in the Netherlands against the measures, which include the night-time closure of bars, restaurants and most shops to stem a record tide of Covid cases that threaten to overwhelm the healthcare system from the country.
Pepijn van Houwelingen, member of the populist conservative Forum for Democracy, addressed a crowd of hundreds at the event.
The Netherlands saw violent protests two weeks ago after the government announced plans to ban most unvaccinated people from public places. These plans face widespread opposition in parliament, including from the ruling coalition parties, and have yet to be put in place.
Sam HancockDecember 4, 2021 1:59 PM

Opinion: “Inclusive recruitment programs are needed to meet the challenge of Covid”

Salvatore Nigro, chief executive of JA, one of Europe’s largest education providers, writes about the need for companies to embrace a learning culture amid the threat of new variants of Covid.
The labor markets of Great Britain and mainland Europe are at a critical point. The number of job vacancies in the UK continued to rise significantly and in October reached the highest number since records began 20 years ago.
Despite this, 69 percent of companies across Europe are currently reporting talent shortages. This vacancy paradox comes at a time when more than 140 million full-time jobs have been lost globally, and more than 3 million under 25 are currently unemployed. This reflects skills shortages which are already having negative consequences on the productivity and competitiveness of European businesses.
Now, with the warning from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) that the new variant of Covid could have serious global consequences, it raises the question of whether omicron will further hamper the hiring of companies, in particular. following the “great resignation”?
Read Salvatore’s thought in its entirety:
Sam HancockDecember 4, 2021 1:34 PM

Watch: PM receives booster shot at St Thomas’ Hospital in London

Boris Johnson receives Covid booster vaccine at St Thomas’ Hospital in London
Sam HancockDecember 4, 2021 1:25 PM

Omicron symptoms: what to look out for

South African doctors have suggested that the symptoms of the omicron Covid variant may be milder than those caused by the globally-dominant delta variant, although the WHO warns that it is still too early to draw conclusions on the news. rapidly spreading form of Sars- CoV-2.
Dr Angelique Coetzee, a South African physician and president of the South African Medical Association, who was one of the first to suspect the emergence of a different viral variant there, said she had noticed seven patients in his clinic who exhibited symptoms different from those typically seen with delta.
“What brought them to the operation was this extreme fatigue,” she told AFP, adding that the patients had mild muscle pain, a “scratching throat” and a cough. dried.
But what is it that still differentiates omicron from delta? Alisha Rahaman Sarkar and Celine Wadhera look more closely.
Sam HancockDecember 4, 2021 1:00 PM

Two hippos from a Belgian zoo tested positive for Covid

In Belgium now, where two hippos at the Antwerp zoo have tested positive, what staff say could be the first reported cases in the species.
Hippos Imani, 14, and Hermien, 41, have no symptoms other than a runny nose, but the zoo said the couple had been quarantined as a precaution.
“To my knowledge, this is the first time [this has happened] in this species, ”zoo veterinarian Francis Vercammen told Reuters. “Worldwide, this virus has been reported primarily in great apes and felines. “
Pets, including cats, dogs and ferrets, have previously been infected following contact with their owners, while in zoos, cases have been reported in animals such as big cats, otters, primates and hyenas.
The disease has also spread to mink farms and to wildlife, such as deer.
Antwerp Zoo is investigating the causes of the contagion, but noted that none of its employees had recently shown symptoms of Covid-19 or had tested positive for the virus.
Staff believe this could be the first case of Covid in hippos

(San Diego Zoo)

Sam Hancock4 December 2021 12:35

Watch: Everything we currently know about omicron

Omicron variant: Everything we know so far about the new Covid strain
Sam Hancock4 December 2021 12:17


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