Federal investigator says computer evidence is damning – .

Federal investigator says computer evidence is damning – .

FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas – Miniature images of child sexual abuse content investigators say found on the former’s work computer 19 children and count Reality TV star Josh Duggar – in addition to plenty of geolocation data – proves he was responsible for downloading the offending material, prosecutors argued on Friday.

The testimony of an expert witness could link Duggar to the child sexual abuse documents he was accused of having “knowingly” received and possessed in April. He has pleaded not guilty and faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $ 250,000 on each count if found guilty.

In court, Federal Prosecutor William Clayman questioned James Fottrell, one of the Department of Justice’s senior forensic investigators, about the extensive forensic analysis he conducted through Duggar’s work computer at Wholesale Motorcars.

” Based on [your] Critic, who was in the parking lot every time child pornography was uploaded? Clayman asked.

“Josh Duggar,” Fottrell declared.

Fottrell’s testimony involved a minute-by-minute analysis comparing when child sexual abuse material was uploaded to a discreet “partition” of the desktop computer with the time and location of photos and messages on the old iPhone 8 from Duggar. Fottrell was able to access the backup. from the phone via Duggar’s personal MacBook Pro. The time of the downloads on the work computer correlated with the photos of the iPhone taken by Duggar in the parking lot, as well as the text messages he sent from the phone identifying that he was at work. , Fottrell said.

Not only did the phone indicate that Duggar was in the field, any child sexual abuse material on the work computer should have been downloaded manually, Fottrell said. This is because the computer had what is called a Linux partition, in which the computer is essentially “split” into two separate operating systems – one Microsoft Windows, the other Linux. To select the Linux side, Fottrell said, someone would need to physically press a command on the keyboard.

Remote access would not have enabled this feature, he added, contradicting the defense’s contention made in cross-examination that a remote user could have downloaded the documents to the office computer rather than Duggar himself.

Fottrell said that while the “possibility exists” to remotely access the Linux system, what he found on the computer “does not match” this theory.

The defense also questioned the speed and efficiency of Fottrell’s search, including a minor crash in which the internet turned on while it was searching through the computer, which could have affected the viability of the evidence. But Fottrell said it had a “minimal” effect on his evidence and conclusions.

Fottrell reviewed with the jury a detailed timeline he compiled based on his findings from the backup of Duggar’s computer and iPhone after they were confiscated from Wholesale Motorcars via a search warrant in November 2019. .

The phone user took a photo in the parking lot on May 11, and the Linux partition was uploaded the same day, Fottrell said. On May 13, the partition was installed in the afternoon around the same time the phone had an image of a scale determined to be in the lot’s office, he added.

“I’m in the parking lot now,” Duggar said in a text message on the morning of May 15. A few minutes later, Fottrell said that a file named “14yo Girl Suck and Fuck” was uploaded to the Linux partition through an anonymous browser called uTorrent. A few minutes later, more child sexual abuse files, including a file named “pounded pussy”, were downloaded from uTorrent.

Fottrell said he found thumbnails of this content in the backend of the computer in his review, which means full-size versions of these and other child abuse documents he has also detected must have been there at some point.

Later that day, phone photos of a fire engine and an accident near the parking lot were taken.

Also on May 15, the cell phone user texted that he would stay in the parking lot until around 6 p.m. Shortly after, a “Marissa.zip” file was downloaded from an anonymous browser to the Linux partition and thumbnails. of the file have been created, indicating that the files have been viewed, Fottrell said. The “Marissa Series,” he explained, is a well-known and highly-marketed series of child sexual abuse content featuring the same girl in several explicit poses, some nude.

The timing of the download coincides with the same time Detective Amber Kalmer, who testified this week that her monitoring software reported someone with an IP address in Springdale, Arkansas, downloading sexual abuse material from children. Kalmer was able to access the file herself, which included 65 images of the same underage girl in explicit poses.

In another, on May 16, a thumbnail of an almost 30-minute video titled “Pedo Mom” ​​was created just two minutes before a photo of a post-it on Wholesale’s desk. Motorcars won’t be taken, Fottrell said. .

The “Intel1988” password has also been “used ubiquitously” by Duggar for more than five years to access a range of accounts, including the Linux partition, Fottrell found.

Through analysis of Duggar’s personal MacBook Pro, Fottrell discovered the same password, or iterations of it, being used on his bank accounts and apps.

Another potential evidence involved a report from Covenant Eyes, the anti-porn software Duggar and his wife Anna had used, which generated regular reports on each other’s exposure. Fottrell cited a report from the software, dated 2017, that Duggar attempted to download uTorrent and the service blocked it. The report and similar entries showed that he repeatedly attempted to access the same anonymous browser the witness would find on the Linux partition that was ultimately used to download child sexual abuse material.

Additionally, Fottrell said it discovered that the “recently played” history of a media player someone had installed on the Linux partition indicated that files known to contain child pornography were “streamed” directly from there. desktop computer, rather than an Internet source. .

Duggar gained widespread fame and conservative following for his time on TLC. 19 children and count, who followed the ever-expanding family of his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Their big housekeeping and ultraconservative beliefs also led to fallout. But in a 2015 Fox News interview, Josh Duggar admitted he assaulted five girls as a teenager, including his four younger sisters and a family babysitter. During the interview, the family said he and the girls had received counseling and did not believe there was a future threat of wrongdoing; in their opinion, he had only been “curious about girls”.

Duggar has been in court for three days with his wife, Anna, sitting in the gallery with other family members. The couple walked out of the gallery holding hands during the afternoon court break. Her brother-in-law Derick Dillard has been sitting next to Anna for three days. His wife, Duggar’s sister, Jill Duggar, has been suggested as a potential witness in the case.


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