Fear of rising Covid cases in Spain and Italy as wave from the north heads south – .

Fear of rising Covid cases in Spain and Italy as wave from the north heads south – .

However, they remain high: between 1,748 per million in the Czech Republic and 685 per million in Germany, all well above any previous peaks of infection throughout the pandemic.

As in the UK, the link between cases and deaths has been significantly weakened by vaccination, so death rates have remained below previous peaks.

The drop in the number of cases has yet to translate into a drop in deaths either, but experts hope they will follow a similar pattern.

Death rates in Spain and Italy remain comparatively very low, but have also started to climb.

Both countries have high vaccination rates, with more than 85% fully vaccinated vaccines, and accelerating booster campaigns.

They have also started reintroducing restrictions in recent weeks to combat the increase in cases and avoid the omicron variant.

Spain has kept mandatory masks indoors throughout the pandemic, and eight of its 17 regions have introduced Covid passports, largely last month, for indoor bars and restaurants.

Italy will introduce a ‘Super Green Pass’ next week, bolstering its version of a Covid passport to allow only those vaccinated or recently recovered – and no longer those with negative tests – to visit restaurants, museums, cinemas and sporting events. She will also start immunizing children over 5 years old.

France is counting on a relaunch of the vaccination campaign, including booster shots.

Spain’s Health Minister Carolina Darías said on Thursday: “Masks protect us, regardless of which letter of the Greek alphabet a variant is provided with. “

However, it remains to be seen whether countries will turn to more stringent measures if cases continue to rise, or if omicron turns out to be a more dangerous variant.

The impact of previous contact with Covid-19, as well as different vaccination rates, especially among the elderly, have made some countries in Europe more vulnerable – and perhaps more in need of strict restrictions.

New UK SPI-M modeling on Friday highlighted an article from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine suggesting that countries in Europe with “lower vaccination coverage among older groups, Relatively low prior exposure and older populations’ were at risk. higher deaths and hospitalizations among the elderly in future waves.

Austria, Germany and the Netherlands were among the countries cited as having the “highest remaining maximum loads”.


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