Farhad Moshiri makes Everton decision as Marcel Brands faces off after Liverpool rout – .

Farhad Moshiri makes Everton decision as Marcel Brands faces off after Liverpool rout – .

This period of turmoil at Everton has taken on a different tone from other recent ones.
Normally, when form fell off the edge of a cliff and the misery was magnified by a derby loss, the manager was in the eye of the storm.

Two years ago this week, Marco Silva saw his Blues team ship five to Anfield.

The next evening, he was fired.

Make no mistake, many Evertonians are angry with Rafa Benitez and many want the Spaniard replaced, after many did not want him named, but fans’ anger is also directed elsewhere this time around.

After Liverpool scored their fourth goal chants of ‘Sack the board’ could be heard from some on Gwladys Street, as at the start of the match, when the big screen switched to images of Bill Kenwright , Denise Barrett-Baxendale and Marcel Brands, boos were heard before the footage quickly drifted away from the directors’ lodge.

Full-time, after a fan rushed out of their seat to speak with a small group of players, the mood deteriorated further.

The smoldering anger towards the people at the top of the club has reached its boiling point. The patience of many supporters is broken.

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Many seasoned Goodison watchers hadn’t seen anything like it for a long, long time.

There was mutiny in the air, the atmosphere was horrible, with chants of ‘sack the board’ reappearing, before Kenwright and Brands were harangued by individual supporters.

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The supporters are out of breath.

Brands looked shocked when one fan in particular gave him both barrels.

Farhad Moshiri was not in Goodison tonight. Had he been, he too would have felt the full force of these livid supporters.

ECHO understands he will be here for Monday night’s game with Arsenal.

He ignored the feelings of many fans to nominate Benitez this summer, but previously he has used Evertonians’ mood to shape his decisions.

They are furious. It remains to be seen whether he listens again and, if he does, what course of action he takes.

There is an undeniable feeling that next week’s game is crucial in shaping the club’s next move.

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Benitez believes he has the support of the club’s majority shareholder and members of the board of directors. For nearly an hour here, Everton have shown enough effort and determination to say that the players are with him as well.

However, Salomon Rondon’s injury and Liverpool’s third goal, a nightmare to take, dashed any hope for the Blues to return in this game.

The fourth goal sent many fans heading for the exits with over 10 minutes remaining.

You think a lot of those who stayed did it to make sure they made their feelings clear full time. There was no longer any reason to be tortured if it wasn’t necessary.

Today their team are 14th in the table and the winless streak has extended to eight matches. This is the worst form chain since 1999.

We all know the fixture list doesn’t go down until Christmas, when Everton could easily be overwhelmed by a relegation battle.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin may not be back until Boxing Day’s game with Burnley.

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With a team in great shape and the potential for reinforcements in January, they have enough in the squad to make the talk of redundant aerial combat.

But it’s the fact that the team is in such a position, that the club’s board of directors is at the center of fan fury.

Since Moshiri arrived at the soccer club, a staggering amount of money has been spent on players, managers and two soccer directors to push the team back.

Everton can no longer be accused of stagnating or walking on water – they fall in the league.

The seventh, eighth and eighth were followed by a 12th and then a 10th.

Everton are now rooted in the bottom half of the table and are sinking into each game.

But it’s not just because of tonight’s loss, or that scorching race, it’s the legacy of those hundreds of millions of pounds that have, in large part, been wasted.

Some estimates say that when you add agent fees, Everton have spent £ 600million over the past five and a half years.

Six hundred million pounds to turn back the clock. Staging. And that’s why, along with Benitez, it’s the makers of Goodison who are the subject of a seething fanbase.

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What will give? As we sit here in an almost deserted Goodison it’s not clear, but the importance of the game with Arsenal next week cannot be underestimated.

Benitez believes he has the backing of the board and while many disagree, sacking another manager is not the solution to Everton’s problems.

The club tried several times and it didn’t work.

He believes there needs to be a bigger change in approach, strategy and way of thinking.

The chasm in terms of class, quality and depth between Everton and Liverpool is huge and results, in part, from the recent past recruiting failures and a shifting approach to leadership appointments.

Moshiri plans to be at Goodison on Monday night to take an in-person temperature gauge.

But he’ll head into the game knowing the feeling burns with white-hot rage.


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