Fake man arrested for Khashoggi murder, France says – .

Fake man arrested for Khashoggi murder, France says – .

Mr Khashoggi, a prominent Saudi writer and columnist, was killed in October 2018 after entering the consulate to obtain the papers he needed to marry his Turkish fiancee. Once inside, he was confronted by a team of Saudi agents who tried to persuade him to return to the kingdom, according to a report by a United Nations expert on the murder. When he refused, they killed him. His remains have never been found.

A Central Intelligence Agency assessment after the murder concluded he was likely to have been ordered by Prince Mohammed. In February, President Biden authorized the release of an intelligence report concluding that Prince Mohammed had approved the plan to capture or kill Mr. Khashoggi.

But the Saudis called the murder a dishonest operation and Prince Mohammed denied ordering or knowing about it in advance.

The confusion at Paris airport came just days after French President Emmanuel Macron, visiting several Gulf states this week, stopped in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to meet with Prince Mohammed.

Human rights groups like Amnesty International have criticized Macron, accusing him of rehabilitating Prince Mohammed on the international stage. But Mr. Macron defended the visit, tell reporters that Saudi Arabia was a key player in the region.


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