Emmanuel Macron “is not prepared” to stop the migrant crisis as it “suits” France | Politics

Emmanuel Macron “is not prepared” to stop the migrant crisis as it “suits” France | Politics

The former UK Border Force chief has warned that France could do more to stop the Channel’s migration crisis. Tony Smith hinted on GB News that Emmanuel Macron’s government had the “capacity” to fight against the illegal movement of people through the Channel but “politically it is not ready to do so”. He argued that the upcoming French presidential election meant President Macron was ready to “allow” migrants to come to the UK.

Mr Smith told GB News: “ [France] have the same duty as us to save lives in their territorial waters.
“They have the capacity to do it.

“But politically it seems they are not ready to do it at the moment as it suits them to allow migrants to come to the UK.

“We have the French presidential elections coming up next year, a lot of noise from them to tear up the Touquet accord, and in fact, you know, funneling even more migrants in our direction.

“But we have a duty, don’t we? Control our own borders and therefore we have to make an agreement with the EU to stop these ships and put these smugglers out of business. ”
It comes as former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage told Australian TV Britain is facing France ‘on all fronts’ amid wrangling over migrants and post-Brexit fishing deals .

Mr Farage told Sky News Australia host Paul Murray: ‘This is absolutely ridiculous because don’t forget that the EU itself has a huge problem because in 2015 they said that anyone across the Mediterranean and setting foot on EU soil would be allowed to stay.

“And then they were surprised that millions came over so they have their own issues with that.

“We have battles with the French on all fronts.

“Look, we’ve had a constant worsening with France for at least 1,000 years.

“There is nothing new in this. “

Mr. Farage then praised Australia’s management of migrant boats from Indonesia.

He said: “Indonesia did not welcome the boats in 2012.

“But Australia has towed them over there, and that’s exactly what the UK needs to do.

“But if Boris does this, they will be condemned by the United Nations will be condemned by the European Union.

“He will be condemned by all his buddies at the climate change club and frankly I don’t think he has the guts to do it. “


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