Elizabeth Holmes returns to the helm on Tuesday. – .

Elizabeth Holmes returns to the helm on Tuesday. – .

Her direct testimony ended with an explosive revelation that Ramesh Balwani, her former boyfriend, alleged business partner and co-conspirator, had assaulted her emotionally and physically. Crying, she testified that Mr. Balwani had controlled all aspects of her life – including her schedule, diet and presentation – and even forced her to have sex with him against her will.

In cross-examination, she choked again when prosecutors made her read text messages with Mr. Balwani that showed a more loving side to their relationship. Prosecutors got several more mea culpas from Ms Holmes, including regrets about how she handled the Journal’s charge and Fortune’s positive coverage of the company that was later heavily corrected.

This week, prosecutors looked into the discrepancies between what Ms Holmes said in her testimony and what investors said she told them. Many Theranos partners and investors have testified that they believe the company has contracts with the military and has deployed its technology in medical evacuations and on battlefields, for example.

One of the prosecutors, Robert Leach, a deputy US prosecutor, has asked Ms Holmes different versions of the same question on several occasions to hammer home the lack of military contracts. She confirmed that Theranos did not have the contracts.

To show that Theranos was never paid to work with drug maker GlaxoSmithKline, Mr Leach also repeatedly asked Ms Holmes about the lack of income, asking the question for each year from 2007 to 2014. Ms Holmes a says no every time.

Ms Holmes resisted many of the questions asked by Mr Leach by testifying that she did not remember or did not know. She also tried to dispute details in some questions.

Ms Holmes’ attorneys questioned her a second time on Tuesday afternoon with a series of quick statements meant to undermine Mr Leach’s arguments and reiterate her initial testimony. Once again, Ms Holmes said Mr Balwani created the unrealistic financial projections for Theranos and scientists at Theranos wrote reports on his technology.


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