Eagles’ DeVonta Smith explains why the frustration has boiled over – .

Eagles’ DeVonta Smith explains why the frustration has boiled over – .

After the Eagles’ last offensive play fell incomplete into the hands of Jalen Reagor on Sunday, DeVonta Smith let his frustration spill over.
The Eagles rookie stamped his foot and once on the sidelines threw his helmet away.

“It just shows that I care about the game. I love the game,” Smith said Friday. “I like to go there and compete. Like I said, you want to win all the games you can. Losing that way, I mean, it’s hard.

With the game now well in the rearview mirror, Friday was the first opportunity reporters had to speak to Smith since the game ended and that final game.

The Eagles haven’t lost to the Giants because of that one game alone, but since the last time it’s been a game that has been dissected several times since the game ended with a 13-7 loss. And that sparked a lot of debate, especially because Smith was claiming the ball in the middle of the game.

So was it open?

“My quarterback saw what he saw,” Smith said. “I’m not mad at the decision he made. He made the decision which was the best for the team.

Earlier in the week, head coach Nick Sirianni pointed out the lack of discipline on the road in this game, which was a concept of a mesh between Smith and Quez Watkins running. This course discipline was turned off and Hurts didn’t like what he saw in front of him, so he didn’t pass Smith, which was supposed to be his best option on the game.

Smith took some of the blame on Friday.

“Yeah, I could have won better on the line of scrimmage,” said Smith. “If I had won better on the line of scrimmage, it wouldn’t have left any doubt as to where the ball was supposed to be or what he saw. It’s mine. Win on the line of scrimmage and we probably wouldn’t be in that situation.

In the game, Smith was only targeted 4 times and only managed 2 catches for 22 yards. So it is likely that his frustration had built up throughout Sunday’s game.

But Smith didn’t blame Hurts.

“The quarterback needs to do his readings. I’m not a quarterback, I can’t tell him what to read, ”Smith said. “He saw what he saw and he did the right readings. The ball went to who it was supposed to go to.

Jason Kelce said this week it’s a good sign that Smith wants the ball in his hands at crucial times, but said Smith knows that isn’t always the way things are.

“I think the # 1 thing, he has the ultimate belief and confidence in himself and what he can do and what he’s capable of,” Hurts said. ” And me too. I always knew that about him. The ultimate competitor.

Thanks to 12 games this season, Smith has 48 catches for 686 yards and 4 touchdowns and is still on course to beat the Eagles rookie receiving record in a single season.

But he also knows that the teams will work to remove it. In the last game, the Giants limited Smith and Dallas Goedert to seven targets combined. These two are clearly the Eagles’ two best receiving options.

“Teams throw all kinds of different things at you and you just have to adapt to that,” Smith said. “Each team is different. Each team has its own way.

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