Drone deliveries to take off from the international airport soon – .

Drone deliveries to take off from the international airport soon – .


Drones delivering commercial packages will soon take off from Edmonton International Airport (EIA), after a successful flight on Friday.

A Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) Sparrow drone flew from EIA to a site in Leduc County, the first time such a flight has been approved by NAV CANADA, according to the airport.

“This logistics operation is a major step towards the future modernization of supply chains,” EIA said in a press release. “The Sparrow drone will soon be carrying commercial cargo packages on behalf of Ziing Final Mile and Apple Express customers. “

Airport officials and the DDC have spent months working with NAV CANADA to create new approvals and safety procedures to allow these types of drone flights, as the airspace around the airport is very limited for security, the EIA added.

“These initial flights will create the model for future operations which could include deliveries to populated areas, such as Edmonton or other major centers, as well as to indigenous and northern communities.”

Airport officials added that drones could be used to deliver urgent medical supplies and access locations where vehicle access has been disrupted while helping to reduce emissions.


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