Do you have an Apple watch? Prepare to hear Prince William in his most intimate moments – .

Do you have an Apple watch? Prepare to hear Prince William in his most intimate moments – .

Eighty-nine years after King George V became the first British monarch to address his subjects via a Christmas radio show – when millions of people heard a monarch’s voice for the first time – and some 68 years after Queen Elizabeth II’s televised coronation – another first in the history of the House of Windsor – Prince William is now available to speak from your wrist.

Second in line to the throne. The first to use the intimidation chair of a fitness app.

Using new media to amplify his rig, while putting a little breeze in those royal sails – much like his great-great-grandfather and grandmother did in their time – His Highness Royale has just been announced as the next big audio guest on “Time To Walk,” courtesy of Apple Fitness + and found on the Apple Watch. Released on Monday, it will sink the Duke of Cambridge while you, ideally, are inspired to put one foot in front of the other. The 39-year-old prince joins a slate of influencers already available for conscious walks on the series – in bold print that range from Shawn Mendes to Dolly Parton, from Naomi Campbell to Malcolm Gladwell.

My verdict, after being one of a handful of journalists invited to join a preview a few days ago? Prepare for William in his privacy. Like always.

Use the power of the medium (there is nothing more intimate than the simple power of the human voice, to speak To you, after all), ‘Time to Walk’ really makes you feel like you’re out for a walk with the guy, as he walks through Queen’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk -om Sandringham House (where family members royal gather for Christmas each year), following St. Mary Magdalene’s Church, and finally ending in Anmer, where William and his wife, Kate, have their country haunt.

You hear his footsteps. That crackle of gravel. Birdsong comes in and goes out. His breath near the surface, as he expresses himself in such soft tones.

“Provocative thought”. ” Heart touching. “” Humorous. ”

Some of the audio walk descriptions sent to us to reporters ahead of a top-secret live listening that also became a fascinating and iconic emblem of royal communications around this time: two branded empires making a merger, could- it looks like. Apple and the British Monarchy. During which, it was highlighted, the priority that Wills and Kate have given to speaking out about mental health in recent years, and the three charities in this area that Apple specifically now supports with donations, such as chosen by the Cambridges.

“I have really fond memories of walking here, and my grandpa… he was walking so fast that there would be a huge gap and spaces between all of us on the way down, and I would kind of be in the back with little legs trying to keep up. So he begins by reflecting on past walks, both with Prince Philip and with William’s father, Prince Charles.

Along the way, he reflects on his time in the Royal Air Force, reflects on the trauma of the last year and a half of the pandemic, moves on to talk about his experiences in Africa, tells us about a particularly squeaky moment involving Taylor Swift, gets personal about some of the sibling feuds between her children, Charlotte and George, and even the names of Tina Turner (recalling how the song “The Best” reminds her of happy car rides with her late mother).

For those who might be wondering, he also mentions his brother Prince Harry on several occasions when he brings up memories of his childhood – which hasn’t helped me consider how this collaboration with Apple represents, to some. regards, William burning his own. the space in the cold war, sort of, between the Cambridges and the Sussexes, these days. After Oprah’s explosive interview earlier this year and the deal Harry and Meghan later signed with Netflix (among others), it seems like an effort, at least in part, to pick up the narrative – using a part of the same media oxygen.

The thing is, it works. It really is. There’s everything but the standard royal reserve in this first William. After announcing that Apple’s audio would be coming to their own Instagram (where else?) For example), it’s a bet that seems to hit the mark.

As William himself puts it, “Walking has been a hallmark of my life during good times and bad, rain or shine. For me, it’s an opportunity to clear my mind and take a step back. It’s a key part of how I manage my mental health.

Or, to put it another way: stay calm and move on.

“Time to Walk” episodes are available in the Workout app on Apple Watch with a Fitness + subscription. Three special audio broadcasts of Prince William’s “Time to Walk” episode, featuring only stories and music, will also be streamed for free on Apple Music 1, the flagship global radio station on Apple Music.

Shinan Govani is a Toronto-based freelance columnist who covers culture and society. Follow him on Twitter: @shinangovani


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