Detroit Police Arrest Parents Of Suspected Michigan School Shooter – .

Detroit Police Arrest Parents Of Suspected Michigan School Shooter – .

Ethan posted pictures of the gun on social media, writing, “I just got my new beauty today. The next day, her mother announced that they were both “testing out her new Christmas present,” Oakland County District Attorney Karen McDonald said.

Ms McDonald detailed a number of other warning signs that she says parents haven’t acted on.

On November 21, a teacher found Ethan searching for ammunition online on his phone. Later, his mother texted him, “LOL, I’m not mad at you. You have to learn not to get caught. “

On the morning of the shooting, a teacher discovered drawings by Ethan Crumbley that depicted a handgun, a bullet, and a bloody figure next to the words “Blood everywhere”, “My life is useless” and “Thoughts are failing. will not stop – help me. “

School officials summoned the Crumbleys and asked them to ask Ethan to consult within 48 hours, Ms McDonald said. Parents “resisted” bringing their son home from school and did not search his backpack or question him about the weapon, she said.

After the Crumbleys left the reunion without their son, Ethan returned to class and then walked out of a bathroom with the gun, killing four students and injuring seven others, authorities said.


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