Congo overthrows mining leader in cloud of corruption complaints – .

Congo overthrows mining leader in cloud of corruption complaints – .

He was separately banned in 2018 from entering the United States, and he has since hired a team of lobbyists and lawyers in Washington to try to fight back and avoid any sanctions, which could freeze his money. it has in international banks.

Mr. Yuma, a longtime broker in Congo and one of the country’s richest businessmen, did not respond to a request for comment on Friday. But in a series of interviews with The Times in recent months, he has called the accusations against him fabricated by outside provocateurs seeking to undermine Congo’s sovereignty.

In a document he provided in October, he called the allegations “genuine smear campaigns”, saying his critics wanted “to tarnish his reputation and blur his major role in favor of the country by reforming its mining policy” .

For decades, Gécamines has been one of Congo’s main sources of income, controlling concessions to large international mining companies and collecting royalties from them. Last year, the company generated $ 324 million.

Yuma was appointed to his post as president by the country’s former president Joseph Kabila, who US officials say worked closely with Yuma to embezzle agency funds for political purposes , and perhaps also to enrich Mr. Kabila’s family.

He was reappointed as president in 2019, after Mr. Tshisekedi took office. That year, Mr. Yuma was considered to become Prime Minister of Congo, a move the United States opposed because he planned to serve as Mr. Kabila’s proxy, officials from the Department said. ‘State at The Times.

Mr. Yuma will now be replaced by Kaputo Kalubi Alphonse, whom Mr. Tshisekedi appointed three years ago to the board of directors of Gécamines. As a sign of the key role played by Gécamines in Congo, the spokesperson for Mr. Tshisekedi announced this new appointment on national television on Friday.


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