Columbia student stabbed to death near campus – .

Columbia student stabbed to death near campus – .

After Mr Giri was assaulted, police said, his attacker traveled south and stabbed an Italian tourist who is expected to survive.

The man, who is 27 and spending his first day in New York City, was shot in the chest near the northwest entrance to Central Park, several blocks from the initial stabbing.

The separate attacks, which police said were both unprovoked, rocked residents of the neighborhood.

As students and staff entered the campus building where Mr. Giri worked and passed through other nearby areas, some said they had not yet heard of the attack.

But Jacob Solomon, a first year doctoral student. student at Columbia, said he learned of Mr. Giri’s death as soon as he woke up on Friday. He said there was a sense of helplessness among some students, who feared they might fall victim to a similar random attack.

“It was just an unprovoked stab which is, I think, even more disturbing,” said Solomon, 23.

Another student, Haswanth Venkatavijayan, said he lives across the street from where Mr. Giri was stabbed and had been there about half an hour before it happened.


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