“Chucky” Season 1 Final Recap – Episode 8, “A Case to Dismember” – .

“Chucky” Season 1 Final Recap – Episode 8, “A Case to Dismember” – .

Piles of corpses, fountains of blood and a veritable army of Chucky dolls? Yeah, it’s been a wild season.

In Tuesday’s season finale of Chucky, the worlds collided as Andy and Kyle landed in Hackensack to help Jake and co. face their deadly doll situation. As Tiffany and Nica / Chucky scrambled through their plan to free swarms of killer dolls across the country, the Good Guys (pun intended) went to the Mayor’s Banquet to try and stop the death and imminent destruction.

So who lived, and more importantly, who didn’t? Read on for a full rundown of ‘A Deal to Dismember’.

Andy shows up at the Wheeler Mansion looking for Jake and asks all kinds of weird questions. He warns Junior to stay away from the doll, and when he takes off, Chucky crawls out of the toilet bowl. Junior asks why he didn’t kill him then, but Chucky says he has “other plans” for Andy.

Lexy and Jake wonder why Chucky is so determined to murder one of them, but their brainstorming is quickly interrupted by one of the Chucky. Before the doll can attack, Kyle bursts in and shoots him down. She explains that, yes, there are multiple Chucky, but he can only perform his Soul Swap voodoo on other Good Guy dolls (and Nica, of course, but don’t ask me to explain it) . Kyle also says that if Chucky can kill one of the kids, then he can build his army. Jake tells him that they have to save Devon, but to ensure their safety, Kyle drugs them and they pass out.

At Charles Lee Ray’s, Nica / Chucky knocks Tiffany down and threatens to kill her. Tiffany screams that he needs her or that “the plan won’t work”, but before Nica / Chucky can act on her killer instinct, Junior and her Chucky doll interrupt her. (Tiffany’s reunion with the doll is adorable, hilarious, and scary all at the same time. Loved it.) The group continues downstairs, where dozens of dolls are stored, and they are all living. Chucky forbids his army to kill anyone under “five or six,” and the psychopaths explode into a cacophony of manic laughter.

The doll orders Tiffany and Junior to kill Nica / Chucky (yes, this is all very confusing), but when they refuse, Tiffany beheads him. (Who knew that dolls could bleed so much?) When Junior approaches Tiffany with a knife, she tells him he’s going to need her to escape the city once they find her father’s body.

We learn through flashback that Tiffany was actually the one who originally called the cops on Charles in the ’80s, so she’s the reason it all started. After sharing her story, Tiffany drugs Nica / Chucky and unrolls a pretty little suitcase that “her darling Glenda” gave her. (Look alive, Chucky seed fans!) She opens the case, which is filled with wires, and says it’s “a little something to greet Andy Barclay with a bang!” “

Tiff and Junior take off (with a doll in tow), but before Headless Chucky can brutalize Devon, Andy arrives to save the day. Kyle introduces himself too, but when she opens the front door, the bomb goes off and the whole house goes BOOM!

When Jake and Lexy wake up, they learn that Charles’s house has blown up, so naturally they assume Devon is dead. Jake is crying a bit, but that’s cool, as Devon arrives shortly after. They deduce that the bad guys are heading to the mayor’s banquet and that they have to stop the army.

At the ceremony, Jennifer Tilly is the celebrity guest and she brought a truckload of Chucky dolls to give to needy children across the country. While the mayor and “Jennifer” (who is really Tiffany) talk to the crowd, Junior pulls Lexy inside by pretending to be held captive. The teenager soon reveals himself to be the villainous jerk he is, and as the whole town watches a charity screening of Frankenstein, Junior and the doll try to convince Lexy to join them. After a candid conversation, Junior rushes in front of Lexy and stabs the doll in the chest, but Chucky also plunges a knife into the teenager. This is what you get for killing your own father, JUNIOR.

Meanwhile, Lexy’s father Ethan is murdered in his theater seat by one of the Chucky dolls. As the theater erupts in panic, the bodies quickly begin to fall. Jake and Devon arrive at the scene, and while Devon escorts Lexy’s sister, Chucky relishes the fact that Hackensack will be remembered as “ground zero for my army.” After the doll laughs at Jake about his sexuality, Jake pins him to the ground, then slams him against the wall. He suffocates Chucky until his eyes pop out and he falls dead.

Outside, Tiffany gets the doll truck ready for the airport, but Andy knocks the driver out and jumps behind the wheel. As he starts up, he gives Tiffany a screaming middle finger. Before he can get too far, Tiffany – the doll version – holds him at gunpoint from the back of the truck! She tells him to drive if he knows what’s good for him.

The human version of Tiffany, meanwhile, still has Nica strapped to a chair, only the adorable madman did something unfathomable: she amputated Nica’s forearms and legs! The last time we see Nica, she screams at the top of her lungs in horror.

The next day, Jake, Devon and Lexy visit the graves of Logan, Junior and Bree. Jake thanks his friends for saving his life, and as they kiss, a mysterious person wearing a black glove stalks them behind a tree.

In one epilogue, Chucky sits by a fire with a book, regaling us with a recap of the season’s kills, all 21 (including a cat, but he luckily keeps those details to our fancy). But what happened to Kyle, and what will happen to Andy and Nica? We will have to wait for season 2.

So what did you think Chuckythe explosive finish? Rate the finale (and season) below, then sound off in the comments!


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