Chipotle created cilantro soap – and people can’t get enough – .

Chipotle created cilantro soap – and people can’t get enough – .

Chipotle launched an $ 8 cilantro soap bar made with organic oils and cilantro essential oil – and it’s already sold out a day after launch.

The Weird, Silly Stocking Stuffer comes after Chipotle posted a mockup (or what was then considered a mockup) photo of a cilantro soap on Instagram in August, engaging both enemies and fans. grass.

Making it Real “is part of a larger trend of turning digital moments into real-life experiences,” Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer at Chipotle, said in a statement.

Cilantro has been one of Chipotle’s most polarizing ingredients, and the company has a clear stance on the debate.

“Disliking cilantro is something you should try to keep to yourself,” Chipotle tweeted in July. And in 2019, the channel tweeted, “A moment of silence for people who think cilantro tastes like soap. “

Cilantro tastes like soap to about 4-14% of the general population, thanks to genetics.

In other Chipotle news, the company also recently launched clothing dyed with recycled avocado pits from its restaurants, which produce more than 300 million avocado pits per year. A crew-neck sweatshirt costs $ 47 while a $ 14 onesie can outfit smaller chain fans.

The company also changed its menu this year. He’s testing pollo asado in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Sacramento, Calif., The first time he’s experimented with his chicken in nearly 30 years. Chipotle has also added smoked brisket to American menus, but this item is so popular that it leaves restaurants earlier than expected.

CNN’s Jordan Valinsky contributed to this report.


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