CFL issues ruling on Argos quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson – .

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TORONTO – Following the appearance of Toronto Argonauts quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson at the Toronto Raptors game last night, the CFL consulted its medical committee, which has advised the league throughout the season on its COVID-19 protocols and its responses to violations thereof.

The league has now decided the following regarding Bethel-Thompson.

  • His appearance was a blatant violation of league protocols, which are much stricter than those faced by the general public, and which prohibit players from attending major sporting events.
  • Bethel-Thompson was sent home this morning from Argos settlement.
  • He has to quarantine himself at his home for two days and two nights.
    • He cannot attend practices or meetings in person today, nor tomorrow (December 3 and 4).
    • He can connect with the team electronically, attend virtual meetings and train individually, by himself and NOT at the team’s premises, today and tomorrow (December 3 and 4).
  • In addition to the PCR test carried out today, he must undergo a PCR test tomorrow (Saturday 4 December) a rapid antigen test the next day (Sunday 5 December)
  • If all tests are returned negative and proof of negative tests is provided to the League office, he will then be able to join the team and play on Sunday, December 5th.

The medical commission based its opinion on current conditions, including the current vaccination rate in the CFL community, which has increased significantly since the summer.

The CFL was also told that four other Argo players – Dexter McCoil, Charleston Hughes, Llevi Noel and Jeff Richards – also attended the basketball game.

They are now subject to the same quarantine and testing requirements as Bethel-Thompson.

The CFL does not disclose additional discipline related to its COVID-19 protocols.

Strict protocols have allowed CFLs to have a positive COVID-19 test rate of less than a tenth of a percent. Ninety-five percent of all CFL players are fully immunized. The league has experienced an outbreak this year, which has forced a game to be postponed. She will continue to act on behalf of the health and safety of players, coaches and staff, and in the best interests of the CFL and its clubs.


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