Canadians are currently selling empty Timbiebs boxes and other products online for up to $ 950,000 – .

Canadians are currently selling empty Timbiebs boxes and other products online for up to $ 950,000 – .

Justin Bieber “Timbiebs” collaboration with Tim Hortons is the gift that continues to give, but some people are taking a decidedly anti-Canadian approach to the situation.
The singer has teamed up with the coffee giant to release a line of limited edition Timbits called Timbiebs. If you order a pack of 10 you can hang a personalized cardboard box and there are also products available for purchase in the form of a toque, fanny pack and tote with the Timbiebs logo.

Resales of limited edition products and Timbits have already popped up online and some of the prices are marked up heavily, like that empty box of Timbiebs that sold for $ 950,000 on the Facebook Marketplace.

To be fair, the original asking price was $ 1 million, so maybe that’s a good deal?


Considering the seller used laughing crying face emojis, this ad might be a joke, but it’s not the only one with a ridiculously high price tag!

This seller offers two new Timbiebs boxes in mint condition, with “crumbs included”.


“DO NOT CONTACT IF NOT INTERESTED. I KNOW WHAT I’M SELLING, ”the seller wrote, so maybe this ad is legitimate.

Since the Timbiebs fanny pack costs around $ 30, $ 450 is a pretty high markup. But hey, if you are a Belieber this could be an investment!


Most of the ads are much more reasonable, with the fanny pack, toque, and tote each selling for around $ 50 to $ 80.

The Toronto Maple Leafs recently got involved in the Timbiebs craze and Auston Matthews admitted he could possibly eat 50 of the Timbiebs.

“It’s absolutely delicious,” said goaltender Jack Campbell. ” Ten out of ten. Good job, Biebs. “

If you haven’t tried the fun new Timbiebs yet, Narcity has tasted them so you don’t have to. Overall, they’re pretty sweet but worth a try, especially if you like anything Canadian!


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