Can we save money by changing the internet in France? – .

Can we save money by changing the internet in France? – .

A promotion of the telephone and internet operator SFR, which promotes its box at € 10 per month, has sparked a debate on the advisability of changing operator to benefit from such offers.
Low prices typically last a year, before moving to a higher rate. As part of the SFR promotion, it rises to € 38 per month. After SFR, competitors Bouygues and Free have also started to offer very low prices of € 9.99 per month for one year.

In theory, it’s easy to switch ISPs in France, with the new company doing most of the administration, including keeping the old email addresses active for six months for customers to send to. their contacts the news.

Many French media sites claim that consumers who take advantage of the offers could save an average of € 300 per year.

Reader comments, however, show that it takes good planning to avoid complications. These can include months with two boxes from different vendors, both to be paid for, and unforeseen charges for changing contracts outside of the prescribed time frame. Additionally, many warn that connection and end-of-contract costs, not always pointed out in advertisements, are making deep inroads into savings.

Adding additional services such as television can also quickly add up to bills.

Also, keep in mind that all devices connected to WiFi will need a different code for the new box, and the registration process for new customers, usually done over the phone, can be time consuming.

If you are connected to fiber, expect to have to wait a day as technicians have to come to your house to make the change.

One person wrote: “This is something I did as a student when I had the time and not a lot of money, and saved a lot, but not all of the € 300. Now that I’m working and winning, I just don’t have the time or the inclination to do it again.

Another complaint was that the offers were often accompanied by telemarketing campaigns, even to numbers on the Bloctel list, intended to screen marketing calls.

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