Can I return to France from the UK before the day 2 Covid test results arrive? – .

Can I return to France from the UK before the day 2 Covid test results arrive? – .

Reader’s Question: My wife is due to fly to the UK on December 24th and return to France on December 29th. She is not staying near a testing center and the Christmas period means there may be delays in retrieving PCR test results. Will she be able to return to France without a negative result because the rules say you have to isolate yourself until a negative result is obtained?
The measure, which entered into force on November 29, will last a minimum of three weeks. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the new testing rules would be reviewed after the three weeks, by which time they should have better information on the “continued effectiveness” of vaccines.

We posed our reader’s question to the UK Department for Health and Welfare, where a spokesperson said The connection that in the case of England:

“It doesn’t matter how long… You must quarantine until you get a negative test, or until you leave England, whichever comes first. “

However, the UK government website states that this is only the rule “if you are in England for less than two days”.

The Log in asked the spokesperson for 100% clarification on this rule, and she reiterated that people can leave England again even if they have not collected their test results “regardless of the delay”.

If our reader’s wife plans to travel to England in December, then she will be free to leave even if her Covid test results do not arrive before her scheduled departure date.

This information only applies to England. Government news pages for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales do not mention a similar rule. The connection has contacted each of the governments and is awaiting a response.

The UK updated its Covid travel rules on November 30. Now, all international arrivals to the country, regardless of their vaccination status or country of departure, must undergo a PCR test no later than the second day of arrival in the UK and must self-isolate until what they receive a negative result. Results can take at least 24 hours, and sometimes longer, to come back.

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The UK Department of Health spokeswoman said that regardless of how long you stay in the UK “you should always book a PCR test as the reference number is included on the passenger tracing form”.

Back in France

A new complication for people traveling to the UK for Christmas will be back in France.

The French government announced on December 1 that all travelers arriving in the country from outside the EU (and therefore from the United Kingdom included) will have to undergo a negative Covid test, carried out before departure.

This applies to vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers. The test must have been carried out within 48 hours before arrival in France for vaccinated travelers, and 24 hours in advance for unvaccinated travelers.

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Further details on this, such as what type of test it should be and when the rule will go into effect, have not yet been announced.

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