Buy Canadian Pacific if you believe in the economic recovery – .

Keystone shutdown makes these stocks buy – –

Carnival Corp. : “No, too early, too early. This one is Norwegian. He’s the one with the best track record and the best situation so maybe we can get down to Carnival later. ”

Fulgent Genetics: “This title is a mystery to me. It is a business that is doing quite well. I think it’s okay to own some. I think it’s a very good company. ”

Canadian Pacific: “You should like the company. This is a rail that has come down so far, that I think you need to buy it if you think there is a chance that the economy will rebound again, and I think it will.

Cassava Science: “All I know is that the SEC, according to Dow Jones, is investigating the company. Until I know more, I will refrain from saying anything about cassava. ”
Insmed: “Pur [speculative stock]. Pure specification. Nothing beyond specification. Losing a lot of money. Just a specification and no more than that. ”
Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp III: “Look, I liked that. I must tell you that these are speculative stocks. this. ”

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