Brooke Shields Says Barbara Walters’ Teen Interview Was “Virtually Criminal” – .

Brooke Shields Says Barbara Walters’ Teen Interview Was “Virtually Criminal” – .

In a conversation with Dax Shepard for his “Armchair Expert” podcast, Shields recalled being interviewed by Walters at the age of 15, following her famous Calvin Klein jeans campaign. Shields reflected on Walters who asked her a series of questions that she now considers intrusive. Among them, “what are your measurements? And “Do you have any secrets from your mother? “

“It’s practically criminal,” Shields told Shepard. “It’s not journalism. “

Shepard agreed and called it “infuriating.”

The ad campaign in which a teenage Shields asked, “Do you want to know what’s going on between me and my Calvins?” Nothing, ”catapulted her modeling career and sparked controversy.

“I was naive, I didn’t think about it at all,” Shields recalls. “I didn’t think it had to do with underwear. I didn’t think it was sexual in nature. I would say that about my sister, no one could come between me and my sister. “

“If they wanted the double meaning, they didn’t explain it to me,” she added. “It didn’t confuse me. It didn’t enter my psyche because it was something overtly sexual, sexualized in some way. “

Since that interview with Walters, Shields has been photographed several times with the reporter, who is now 92 and has retired from public life.

CNN reached out to Shields’ rep to find out if she had ever told Walters that the interview had upset her.


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