Brian Kelly appears to use the southern accent in the LSU address – .

Brian Kelly appears to use the southern accent in the LSU address – .

Brian Kelly pulled his talents out of South Bend and immediately appeared to develop a southern accent.

LSU’s new head coach stepped onto the pitch with a microphone during the Tigers basketball game on Wednesday and spoke with a southern tone everyone on the internet finds hilarious.

“It’s a great way to start, and I haven’t even won all of my games yet,” Kelly told LSU fans. “It’s a great night to be a Tiger. I am here with my family and we are delighted to be in the great state of Louisiana.

The word ‘family’ was particularly exaggerated, and detectives have already understood that he pronounced the word very differently while wrapping up his Irish outing earlier this week when speaking to his former Notre Dame players.

Kelly has already been ridiculed nationally this week for the way he left Notre Dame. The team is still in the race for a national title. The news broke as an assistant left a recruit’s house. His awkward four-minute speech to his former team at 7 a.m. was quickly leaked.

In the high stakes of top college football, all that will really matter to Kelly is if he wins any football games at LSU. If he does this, no one will care about his blatant lack of sincerity. But his last three predecessors – Ed Orgeron, Les Miles and Nick Saban – all won national titles at LSU, so he’s going to be ranked on a high curve.


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