Brexit news: Beaune in France issues ultimatum on fishing – UK has six days to give in | Politics

Brexit news: Beaune in France issues ultimatum on fishing – UK has six days to give in | Politics

France’s European minister called on the European Union to take retaliatory action against Britain if there is no resolution of the post-Brexit dispute over fishing licenses by 10 December.

The European Commission has said the dispute must be settled before that deadline, as it increases pressure on the UK in negotiations.
Reiterating the impending deadline in a threatening video message, Mr Beaune said on Saturday: “We had good news with Annick Girardin, the Minister of the Sea, this week, as just over 40 permits have been confirmed by the island of Guernsey.

“And our fight continues, because we still need additional permits, in the Channel Islands and in Hauts-de-France.

“We will continue this discussion via the European Commission, with a very important meeting: December 10.

“As we said, and the European Commission said too, on December 10, we will see if the dialogue bears fruit and continues to issue licenses, well, in additional numbers.
“Or if we are blocked, in which case we will have a European reaction, to move on to another phase, because the dialogue will not have borne fruit.

“Here it is clear, we are moving forward, we must rejoice at the good news, continue the fight, and always support our fishermen. “

French Maritime Minister Annick Girardin also warned against European retaliatory measures, telling the Ouest France newspaper on Tuesday that “London is testing the solidarity of the European Union” in the quarrel.

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“In total, we have authorized around 1,700 EU vessels to fish in our waters.

“When the ships have provided the required evidence, we have issued licenses and will continue to do so. “

Mr Beaune accused the British government of being “obsessed with the European Union” and of regularly blaming the bloc for its own problems.

The two countries have also been embroiled in a diplomatic row over migrants following the deaths of dozens as they attempted to cross the Channel to the UK last week.


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