Blackhawks’ Jujhar Khaira stretched after Jacob Trouba hit – .

Blackhawks’ Jujhar Khaira stretched after Jacob Trouba hit – .

A spooky scene unfolded at the United Center on Tuesday night as Blackhawks forward Jujhar Khaira left the ice on a stretcher after receiving a high blow from New York Rangers defenseman Jacob Trouba.
According to the Blackhawks, Khaira was “taken by ambulance to Northwestern Hospital for further testing” after an initial assessment on the ice. Interim head coach Derek King provided a positive first report after the game.

“He’s on his feet, he’s talking, he’s very responsive,” King said. “I think he wants to get back on the ice. He’s already done some testing, from what the doc told me, but he still has some testing to do. We won’t know the extent of the injury until after these tests. He’s still in the hospital right now, but he’s talking, he’s consistent, I guess. It is a frightening situation to see.

The incident occurred at 6:10 of the second period. Khaira had her head down trying to find the puck on her skates and Trouba placed a big shoulder in Khaira and grabbed her chin. The primary contact point will be debated, but no penalty has been imposed on play.

Khaira was knocked out and laid on the ice for several minutes before being transported on a stretcher.

Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews appeared emotionally upset in his post-game interview. He was one of the first to jump on the ice to brief medical staff on the seriousness of the situation.

“Personally, I was pretty shaken up,” Toews said. “I’m not going to lie to you. I’m just happy to hear he’s okay. It’s annoying that that sometimes happens. “

The Blackhawks didn’t want to use it as an excuse, but it certainly had to be difficult for the players to mentally regroup after the hit.

“A little,” Toews said. “I think we were trying to find that emotion to react in the right way. [Riley Stillman] answered that. We could have had a better response as a team, but yeah, I think the guys felt it a bit. We obviously wanted to win for Jujhar, but that wasn’t the answer we were looking for. “

It was a 2-2 game early in the third period, but the Rangers eventually scored four unanswered goals, including an empty net, and took Chicago’s breath away. The Blackhawks just couldn’t find that extra setback, and it’s hard to blame them after what happened to their teammate.

“It’s tough,” King said. “I can’t say go for a run with our heads cut off, can I?” We have to try to get that win for him and try to play the game the right way, so I have to try to be a little bit motivated for them, let’s bring them in like let’s keep this under control and let’s play. But we just couldn’t go back. ”


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