Arizona Coyotes move to Houston – – .

Arizona Coyotes move to Houston – – .

The Arizona Coyotes flatly denied Thursday that the team was on sale again with a potential buyer’s plan to relocate the team to Houston.
In a statement to athleticismCraig Morgan, the team called Forbes’ Mike Ozanian report “totally bogus.”

“This is false,” the statement read. “Totally wrong. We don’t sell. We are not moving. The Coyotes are 100 percent determined to play in Arizona. “

The Coyotes have been in Arizona since 1996 when the original Winnipeg Jets moved to Phoenix and the instability of ownership marked the team’s 25-year history.

The team is currently owned by Alex Meruelo, who bought the team in 2019 and became the NHL’s first Latino owner. Former majority owner Andrew Barroway still owns a minority stake in the franchise.

In 2009, the league took possession of the team when former owner Jerry Moyes declared bankruptcy. She retained control of the team until 2013 when she was sold to Renaissance Sports and Entertainment. The following year, Barroway bought a controlling stake and held it until the team was sold to Meruelo.

The club’s agreement with the Gila River Arena in Glendale, AZ ends at the end of the current season. In September, the team submitted a proposal to build a new arena in Tempe.


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