Ariana Grande is excluded from her first “Voice” finale – .

Ariana Grande is excluded from her first “Voice” finale – .

NBC’s brass have really excited the arrival of new The voice coach Ariana Grande this fall, no doubt hoping that a current young pop star like her could freshen up the franchise in its tired 21st season. But when the five candidates advancing to next week’s final were revealed on Tuesday, there was non Representation of the Ariana team in the mix. This means that next Monday and Tuesday Ariana won’t make her first final, after her only competitor still competing, folk father / son duo Jim & Sasha Allen, failed to secure the votes this week.
The voice has ceased to adhere to team quotas since Season 3, but when the show’s last three seasons were cut short due to COVID, those quotas were reinstated. Now with the rules back to normal – meaning none of the coaches were assured of a candidate spot in the season finale – of course The voice had become like Le spectacle Blake & Kelly. The top four finalists announced by Carson Daly in Tuesday’s live scores episode represented all of the longest-serving and popular coaches on the current panel: soul powerhouses Blake Shelton, Wendy Moten and Paris Winningham, and the band Kelly Clarkson’s Family Folk Girl Named Tom (the first trio to ever come up with a Voice finale) and young pop prodigy Hailey Mia. I then assumed that Team Blake’s Lana Scott, the only country singer still competing, would easily win the Instant Save – and that would mean John Legend would be sitting on the sidelines right next to Ariana next week.

Lana definitely had a chance – Voice viewers love Blake and they love country music – but she was at a disadvantage singing on the first Tuesday. And her confusing song choice, Lainey Wilson’s perfectly enjoyable but forgettable “Things a Man Oughta Know”, wasn’t exactly the kind of fight song she needed at this crucial time. It looked like Blake and Lana knew Team Blake’s Season 21 sweep was about to end, but Lana graciously thanked her coach, telling her, “I grew up listening to you, dreaming of being in the series. This is my sixth audition. I continued. You have far exceeded my expectations of what it was like to work with you. Thank you for everything. “

Of John’s two nominees, drama kid Joshua Vacanti and gospel / R & B Belter Jershika Maple, I thought Joshua, who had been voted by America week after week, was the obvious favorite over Jershika, who had made his way into the top eight after a steal and the instant save last week. Joshua’s schmaltzy song choice, Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” delivered with tons of excitement and absolutely no subtlety, certainly played to the show’s conservative core – but so did the show. passionate and glorious interpretation of Jershika of “Break Every Chain” by Tasha Cobbs. ”

Once again, the show’s producers seemed to be pushing Jershika: after gifting her with an elaborate Grammy production on Monday night, they placed her in Instant Save’s advantageous “pimp slot”. But who could blame them for wanting Jershika to stick around? She has been one of the most regularly gorgeous singers this season, after all. Even John appeared to favor her over Joshua as he pleaded with America’s votes on Tuesday.

But no one has craved America’s votes more than Ariana, as she tearfully told Jim and Sasha Allen, “I mean how proud I am of you two. Besides being amazing singers and brilliant musicians and having a stage presence, you bring incredible, irreplaceable and much needed energy to the show. You have so much light; it’s so contagious. It would be a disastrous mistake not to have you in the finale. However, while I like some Hall & Oates, the muddled and ironic “Rich Girl” was not a great song save me, and all of Sasha’s breathtaking sense of spectacle couldn’t save the duo’s messy Instant Save performance. Thanks, then.

And so, against all odds, almost impossible, Jershika won a second consecutive instant save. And as a result, she kept John Legend (a relatively new trainer who, unlike Ariana, actually won in her inaugural season) in the Season 21 game. As to whether Ariana will be back for another try, we will. will have to wait until the fall of 2022, because The voice reduced his schedule from two to once a year after the end of this season. But in the meantime, Wendy, Paris, Hailey, Jershika and Girl Named Tom will face off next week. See you later.

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