Apple’s New Car Theft Gadget – .

Apple’s New Car Theft Gadget – .

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York Regional Police investigators are warning residents they have identified a disturbing new method used by thieves who plan to help themselves in high-end vehicles. Apparently some thieves have hidden an Apple AirTag somewhere on a vehicle for tracking purposes so they know exactly where to locate the vehicle at a later date.

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As of September this year, officers say they have investigated no less than 5 incidents in which suspects have placed small tracking devices on expensive vehicles in order to locate and steal them later. Apple AirTags appear to be the technology of choice, placed in areas out of sight of the target vehicle when parked in public places such as a shopping mall. Rather than boosting the car or truck in the well-lit, heavy traffic area, thieves can use the AirTag to track the targeted vehicle to the victim’s home where it can be stolen from the driveway.

York Police have posted a number of photos showing potential places AirTags could be hidden, but we are not reposting them here for fear of spreading bad ideas. Suffice to say that the AirTags measure 3 centimeters in diameter and are only 8 millimeters thick. Imagine those little mint wafers that you maybe ate as a kid and you get the basic idea. They cost around forty dollars each.

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If you’re wondering, AirTags use nearby Apple devices as crowdsourced beacons to pin their location, which is how they can work even long after the thief drops it in your car. It’s anonymous and encrypted, so only the owner can track a particular AirTag. The problem, in this case, is that its owner wants your car. Yet a rogue AirTag should broadcast its presence – either through a list of Bluetooth devices on your iPhone, or by playing a sound. If the vehicle owner is an Android user, the former is unlikely to happen; and few people will hear the faint beeps of an AirTag in the aisle.

Once these thieves set their sights on your rig, cops say they tend to use typical car theft tools to get away with your vehicle. Nowadays, after accessing the cabin with traditional items like a screwdriver or Slim Jim, this often includes an electronic device that can capture the car’s electronic signature (for lack of a better term) through the OBD port. . This is used to quickly program a key and start.

Between that and the theft of catalytic converters, that’s enough to hurt your head (or at least to want universal indoor parking). Stay alert.


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