Apple’s $ 275 billion ‘secret’ deal with China unveiled – rt world news – .

Apple’s $ 275 billion ‘secret’ deal with China unveiled – rt world news – .

    Le PDG d'Apple, Tim Cook, aurait signé un accord "secret" de 275 milliards de dollars avec les autorités chinoises pour contourner les restrictions sur les opérations de son entreprise, selon des documents internes récemment publiés.

</p><div><p>Signé en 2016, l'accord massif de cinq ans comprenait un vœu d'Apple de stimuler l'économie chinoise par le biais d'investissements et d'autres entreprises, selon un rapport publié mardi par Information, basé sur des entretiens avec des initiés de l'entreprise et des documents d'Apple.

The deal was reportedly signed with China’s National Development and Reform Commission after Cook made several trips to the country, at a time when Apple faced a “Series of regulatory actions” government which has negatively impacted its business, the outlet reported, noting that Beijing officials believed the company “Did not contribute enough to the local economy”.

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Cook attempted to pressure the Chinese government throughout 2016 as it implemented measures that allegedly damaged his company’s App Store, iCloud, and Apple Pay systems, and resulted in declining iPhone sales. for a certain time.

In addition to agreeing to set up a series of new outlets, renewable energy initiatives and R&D centers across China, Cook reportedly promised his company would work alongside Chinese academics and local manufacturers, and even purchase components from suppliers around the country. In exchange for “Support and assistance needed” government, Apple ‘Grow with Chinese enterprises to achieve mutual benefits and a win-win situation. “

Shortly after the alleged deal, Apple publicly declared a $ 1 billion investment in Uber’s Chinese competitor, Didi Chuxing, in May 2016, which Cook said would offer “A chance to learn more about certain segments of the Chinese market”. That same year, it also announced a major deal with the country’s leading wind turbine producer, Xinjiang Goldwind Science and Technology, and planned to move iCloud operations to China in 2017. A $ 300 million green energy fund million was created by 2018, all apparently under the five-year agreement.

Apple’s business in China appears to have recovered significantly since the 2016 regulatory crackdown, setting a record quarterly revenue of $ 68 billion last summer while continuing to open new storefronts and research centers. China now accounts for about a fifth of Apple’s total sales, according to the report.

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