Apple wins case to delay Epic Games’ antitrust victory – .

Apple wins case to delay Epic Games’ antitrust victory – .

In September, U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled that Apple was breaking the law by forcing customers to pay only for apps and in-app items through the Apple App Store. As part of the decision, Gonzalez Rogers gave Apple 90 days to allow more payment options at his store. It was the only action in favor of Epic Games, which is trying to win a case that Apple has a monopoly on payment processing in mobile games.

However, today Apple won a case in the appeals court which is suspending the application of the decision. This means that Apple may delay adding more payment options to its apps and in-app stores. On that note, the suspension does not override the earlier decision. It simply suspends Judge Gonzalez’s execution until the courts can fully hear the case, which will likely take months. Until then, Apple can maintain the Apple App Store as the sole source of in-app purchases.

The ongoing legal issues between Apple and Epic Games began when Apple pulled Fortnite from Apple’s App Store. Epic Games was using its own in-game revenue to bypass the use of the Apple Store for all in-game purchases. Apple gets a 30% discount on all purchases made from its app store, and usage of gambling revenue was declared a breach of contract.

After Fortnite was removed from the app, Epic Games took Apple to court, arguing that Apple had a monopoly on processing payments in mobile games. But the first court ruling was mostly on Apple’s side, with the application of adding more payment options being Epic’s only small victory. Apple quickly requested an appeal of the verdict.


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