Apple announces its 2021 App Store Award winners after a year of transition – TechCrunch – .

Apple announces its 2021 App Store Award winners after a year of transition – TechCrunch – .

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Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch on December 2, 2021! There is a lot going on. No more fintech in Latin America. Launch of the actuator. App Store prices. Software sale of the week. That’s a lot, so buckle up. Maybe the news slowdown will happen next week? Here’s hoping! – Alexis

Le Top 3 TechCrunch

  • Shows How Not To Firing People: Here’s a quick tip: If you advertise that you’ve raised or managed to access hundreds of millions of dollars, don’t fire a group on your team right after. Not only is this a bad PR – and it sure is – it’s a horrible thing to do, too. Either way, got access to half of its PSPC money earlier and then laid off 9% of its staff.
  • Grab goes public, quickly loses value: the Grab SPAC was meant to be a sort of crowning achievement for the company. And then, despite raising capital and avoiding the poison of shareholder buybacks, Grab’s shares still ate it up. hard today. Despite the rise in US stocks, the Nasdaq-listed Grab has lost about 20% of its value, at least as of this writing. Ouch.
  • Guess who won the App Store Awards: No really, guess. is would not have expected a League of Legends mobile game to win the iPhone game award. It seems a bit anachronistic that Apple picks favorites every year, much like the Grammys, if the Grammys owned the music business as well. Maybe we should do some sort of Best of TechCrunch collection and see if Apple News gets it back.


  • Timnit Gebru has the final say: after her much-publicized exit from Google, the former Alphabet AI Gebru ethicist “moved in with a brand new research institute, DAIR, focused on the topics she said were in focus. away from Google, ”TechCrunch reports. The best revenge is to live well, they say. That or start your own business to do the damn job.
  • IRL buys AaBeZe Labs: this story makes me happy. Because there was a time when app names didn’t make sense. And then startups started to have names like Vertical SaaS 4 Ur Industry, and it all got a bit corporate. IRL is a social app, while AaBeZe does “digital nutrition”. Hell yeah, technology is weird. I will now go take 17 virtual supplements to avoid catching a virus.
  • Say it with me: ~ community ~ Community has become a buzzword in the startup space after it became very expensive to buy an audience on social media. So build your own community, and it makes customer acquisition cheaper! Alto! It’s more than that, but it’s kind of the background to what Playground does. According to the TechCrunch report, “Playground is a social platform that seeks to help people discover and develop community while allowing creators to monetize their audiences. (Remember, if you say ‘monetize the community’ three times in the mirror, you only get smut in your stocking.)
  • Two stories from Mexico: Mendel raised $ 35 million to work on the business spending issue that has proved so lucrative in the United States. And Kueski just added a billion dollars to his accounts to help him develop his BNPL solution focused on Mexico.
  • Glorify Raises VC: Nothing says “Christianity” like raising VC to fund an app that sells religious material to people. And while we’re just mumbling Matthew 19:24, let’s note that a16z just supported Glorify to the tune of $ 40 million. We assume that $ 4 million will receive tithe.
  • How much does the delivery of the groceries cost? Trick question. The answer is infinite capital. Evidence? JOKR has just raised again, and Swiggy will lose $ 700 million on its own “instant” grocery delivery effort.

4 analysts break down Bret Taylor’s fairly mild week

Image credits: Selling power

Bret Taylor is on the rise: on Monday, he became chairman of the board of Twitter, and a day later, Salesforce made him his co-CEO and co-chairman.

Corporate reporter Ron Miller looked back on Taylor’s career to gain a better understanding of how a former Google product manager ended up co-running one of the world’s most valuable companies. To get a more complete perspective, he interviewed four analysts:

  • Liz Herbert, Vice President and Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Holger Mueller, Analyst, Constellation Research
  • Brent Leary, Founder and Senior Analyst, CRM Essentials
  • Jason Wong, Analyst, Gartner

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