Apple AirTags involved in multiple auto thefts – .

Apple AirTags involved in multiple auto thefts – .

Apple is making it clear that Apple AirTags are not anti-theft tracking devices, but it looks like small trackers are good enough to help car thieves, according to Canadian police.
A York Regional Police press release warned the public that thieves are using AirTags to find the home addresses of high value vehicles so they can be stolen from their driveways.

They have investigated 5 of these incidents since September 2021, but suspect there are many further.

The thieves reportedly spotted target vehicles in parking lots and other public places, then marked them with AirTags in inconspicuous places such as the tow hitch or fuel cap.

Despite Apple’s efforts to let people know they are being followed by others, the strategy doesn’t always work. The vehicle owner may not have an iPhone, may not receive the notification (which does not happen immediately), or may ignore the message.

Police urged members of the public not to ignore these warnings and to inspect the vehicle for hidden AirTags if they receive them, and ideally to park their cars in a safe place.

See their warning video below:

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