Antonio Conte “scared” as the Covid epidemic worsens in Tottenham

Antonio Conte “scared” as the Covid epidemic worsens in Tottenham

Antonio Conte said the escalation of the Covid crisis at Tottenham had left him ‘scared’ as he revealed that eight players and five coaches had tested positive for the virus.

The manager saw his plans turned upside down for Thursday night’s decisive Europa League game at home against Rennes, although UEFA indicated at 14:30 GMT on Wednesday that, as it stands, the game will go ahead.

Conte said he only had 11 players available, which seemed to compromise the tie. According to UEFA rules, if a club has fewer than 13 senior players, a postponement can be penalized. And yet it could be that Spurs try to get through the draw with the help of their Under-23 team, as it would be difficult to rearrange it before the end of the month – which is the UEFA deadline. .

Spurs will consider whether to ask the Premier League to postpone their game in Brighton on Sunday, and next Thursday’s visit to Leicester are also expected to be affected.

Conte’s biggest concern was with the unknown and there was raw emotion on his part during the pre-Rennes press conference, which was held remotely.

“It’s eight players and five staff but the problem is that every day we have people with Covid,” Conte said. “People who yesterday were not positive… today are positive and we continue to have contact with people who we think are negative but the next day they become positive. I think this is a serious problem.

Tottenham players in training on Wednesday. Photographie : Tottenham Hotspur FC/Getty Images

Conte said a player he used in Wednesday’s training session and who he planned to debut against Rennes with then returned a positive test. So had a member of his coaching staff.

“It’s very difficult to face at the end of the training session – one positive player, another positive staff member,” said Conte. “Tomorrow, who? Me? Another player? Another staff member? And we continue like this. The situation is serious.

Conte was asked if he had a message for UEFA and the Premier League. “I don’t have to send a message to anyone because the situation is very clear. I repeat – every day we have contact with people who are falsely negative and turn positive and then everyone is a little scared because we have family and [we ask]: ‘Why do I have to take this risk? Why?’ This is my question.

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“Today we had the practice session. We prepared for the match. Yesterday, two other positive points; today, two other positive points and tomorrow, who? Me? I do not know. May be. Better me than a player for sure but I think it’s not good for everyone because we have family and contact with them when we get home.

“Football is the most important thing, but today it is impossible to talk about football. There are situations that pissed me off a lot, because it is serious and there is a big infection and now, of course, we are a little afraid because tomorrow we do not know what is going on.


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