Anthony Yarde stops Lyndon Arthur with spectacular fourth round performance in thrilling rematch – .

Anthony Yarde stops Lyndon Arthur with spectacular fourth round performance in thrilling rematch – .

Anthony Yarde won redemption against Lyndon Arthur with a superb performance

Anthony Yarde got his revenge on Lyndon Arthur with a spectacular knockout performance in their light heavyweight rematch at Copper Box Arena in London.

Yarde was a different man than the one who was convincingly beaten by Arthur a year ago, setting a fierce pace and landing some tough punches in the first round.

A game Arthur was forced to go into survival mode immediately. But he was ultimately abandoned in the fourth round under a flurry of catchy hooks from Yarde, succumbing to the first loss of his career.

The start was night and day until the first round 12 months ago, with the Londoner Yarde hitting the gas from the start. The Manchester fighter – who defended the Commonwealth and WBO Intercontinental titles – did well to shoot Yarde in the clinches to slow him down and managed to narrowly avoid serious damage.

Arthur recovered in the second after surviving a furious start, but the Londoner was able to count two laps higher – then knocked out his opponent again in the third with a hard right hook. Arthur tried to fight fire with fire as Yarde intervened, but couldn’t push him back.

Yarde’s right hand found its place like never before in the first fight, but Arthur smirked as he saw another quick flurry in the final 20 seconds of the third round.

Arthur thought he had hurt his opponent at the start of the fourth, but with a nod, Yarde stepped in and went wild.

He caught Arthur multiple times with blows to the head, mixing uppercuts with punches to the body. Finally, the knees of the Mancunien gave way under the pressure.

Arthur was not allowed to continue, sparking crazy celebrations for Yarde who avenged only the second loss of his career and won the Commonwealth and WBO Intercontinental titles.

While Arthur is likely to push for the trilogy, Yarde hopes to win a world title fight in 2022, in what will be his second victory to become the world champion.

Sheeraz arrests Skeete in controversial ending

Hamzah Sheeraz stopped Bradley Skeete with a late flurry in the ninth round of their lightweight bout.

The fight will be remembered for a controversial eighth round when Skeete – who controlled much of the fight – was stunned by an illegal blow.

Skeete was able to dance away from Sheeraz’s big, powerful punches for seven rounds, but was defeated by a frenzied eighth round where he was twice on the canvas. Sheeraz, however, narrowly avoided disqualification for a late punch.

The first knockdown was called off and Sheeraz was given a point for hitting Skeete when he was already on his knees.

But Skeete was clearly stunned and a shootout ensued, Sheeraz sending his opponent back onto the bridge with a hard left hook moments later.

Sheeraz was content to give up his jab for much of the fight and his risky strategy paid off when his opponent finally started to slow down – but the London crowd clearly felt that Skeete’s disappearance was due to the illegal kick. .

Skeete was forced into survival mode in the ninth round, but couldn’t stay clear of Sheeraz’s powerful shots.

Sheeraz let him go quickly twice and the ref called off the fight when he beat the count for the second time.

Boos sounded in the arena, but the result is valid and Sheeraz claimed the 14th victory of his young professional career.

McCann cruises for easy earning

Dennis McCann went undefeated with a points victory over Argentinian Juan Jose Jurado in a dominant performance from the emerging prospect.

Draped in ‘Dennis the Menace’ shorts, McCann showed skill from the first bell, with scathing punches inside. McCann set a fierce pace but couldn’t find a knockout despite being allowed to pick his shots in stages.

The last seconds of the first round were the closest to the end for McCann when he sensed some hesitation from his opponent. A tired Jurado leaned over the ropes, clearly eager to take a breather, and allowed McCann to unload at will, but the bell arrived to secure a second round.

The same streak continued to occur throughout the eight laps, with McCann lashing out at Jurado as he leaned against the ropes. McCann was so comfortable that he opted for the showboat in the last three minutes.

McCann’s corner urged him to be more aggressive and his quick counters and evasive slides drew cheers from the crowd, but there was not to be a spectacular moment this time around for the rising star who won. the 11th victory of his professional career.


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