“Annie”, “Rent” & More – .

“Annie”, “Rent” & More – .

la production de NBC de Annie and direct ! aired Thursday night – but how does that stack up against other live-action TV musicals?

Twelve-year-old Celina Smith of Atlanta has been the titular orphan, while Harry Connick Jr. (Will & Grace) played Daddy Warbucks and Taraji P. Henson (Empire) filled Miss Hannigan’s sane shoes. Singer Nicole Scherzinger, Tituss Burgess (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) et Megan Hilty (Smash) were also on hand to lend their pipes on occasion. While the power of the stars certainly helps whet the appetite of music fans for this TV business, as we’ve seen in the past anything can (and does!) Happen once the cameras start rolling.

Fortunately, TVLine readers gave the performance an average grade of “B +” and we agree: Annie and direct ! was one of the best deals among recent live TV musicals. Of the 11 productions broadcast since 2013, when The sound of live music! started the trend on NBC, several dazzled us (to you, The Wiz live!), while others are better forgotten (sorry, Peter Pan and immediately!).

In the list below, we have ranked these 11 live productions including A live Christmas story! (which you probably forgot!), the superb Jesus Christ Superstar en concert and more. (We have, however, ruled out the Fox 2016 adaptation of Le Rocky Horror Picture Show et NBC Dr Seuss’ Grinch Musical from 2020, as both have been fully pre-recorded.)

Which musical is at the top of our list and how Annie be up to it? Scroll through our ranking below to find out, then leave a comment with your thoughts.


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