Alec Baldwin responds to George Clooney’s comments on gun safety on set – .

Alec Baldwin responds to George Clooney’s comments on gun safety on set – .

A tragedy struck at the end of October when a the propeller gun misfired on the set of Rouiller, resulting in the death of director of photography Halyna Hutchins at the age of 42. Alec Baldwin was the actor wielding the weapon when the incident occurred, which caused many eyes to turn to the 30 Rocher star for allegedly neglecting gun safety on set. As a criminal investigation continues and several crew members seek to sue Baldwin, many in the Hollywood community have spoken out against the incident, including George Clooney, and Baldwin has now responded.

Last month George Clooney reacted to the death of Halyna Hutchins by sharing his own experiences with propeller guns and previous incidents in which loved ones have died due to a “series of stupid things”. Clooney explained that he always checks the gun himself before each take. When Alec Baldwin delved into the incident to ABC News in an exclusive interview, George Stephanopoulos asked Baldwin what he thought of his fellow actor comments. In Baldwin’s words:

Well there were a lot of people who felt there was a need to comment on the situation which really didn’t help the situation. At all. If your protocol is that you check the weapon every time, well, good for you. I have probably handled guns as much as any other actor in movies with an average career. Again, shoot or get shot by someone. And at that point, I had a protocol, and it never let me down.


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