Alberta Reports Seven New Omicron Variant Cases Since Friday – .

Alberta Reports Seven New Omicron Variant Cases Since Friday – .

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Alberta has confirmed seven new cases of the Omicron COVID-19 variant since Friday, bringing the total number of cases in the province to 11.

In a series of tweets on Monday, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr Deena Hinshaw said the province had a total of 11 Omicron cases. According to Alberta Health, 10 of these cases have been identified in returning travelers and one is a family contact.

“These people are self-isolating and all appropriate public health follow-ups are underway,” Hinshaw said.


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“To date, only mild symptoms have been reported (and) these people are recovering at home. Like (with) the other cases, these people did nothing wrong and should not be stigmatized.

She noted that some household members from these cases have tested positive for COVID-19, but have yet to be confirmed as Omicron.

A family contact recently attended a primary school in the North Zone and another attended a secondary school. Hinshaw said out of caution these schools have been notified.

“Schools will notify any potentially exposed group (and) additional testing is recommended,” she said. “Anyone who receives a notification letter is recommended to get tested (and) watch for symptoms. Anyone (with) symptoms of COVID-19 should self-isolate (and) should be tested via AHS. “


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Alberta Health will also provide both schools with rapid tests to help parents and guardians monitor at home. If a child tests positive on a rapid test, they should self-isolate immediately.

“Unvaccinated children can continue to attend school and daycare, but should avoid crowded public places for 14 days after the last exposure,” Hinshaw said.

“Fully vaccinated can continue to attend school and other activities, but must monitor symptoms closely. “

She noted that the discovery of additional cases is not unexpected and that the province will continue to monitor the situation and keep Albertans informed.

In a statement, NDP education spokesperson Sarah Hoffman expressed concern that the new variant could be in schools and stressed the need for more students to be vaccinated. at school.


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“Our caucus will continue to push for sound COVID-19 policies that keep children in class and protect them from the virus, including providing public education, community outreach, improved ventilation and school vaccines,” he said Hoffman said.

In an independent press conference Monday morning, Health Minister Jason Copping said the province was cautious of the Omicron variant and was continuing to seek contacts.

“We don’t know what the impact of this new variant will be,” he said. “It seems to be more communicable. It may be less severe. We don’t yet know if the vaccine’s effectiveness will work, but this research is ongoing. “

Alberta reported 788 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, including 349 cases on Friday, 252 cases on Saturday and 187 cases on Sunday. There are currently 4,374 active cases in the province.


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The province has also reported 366 people hospitalized with the virus, 72 of whom are receiving intensive care treatment.

Five more people have died from COVID-19 in Alberta, bringing the death toll to 3,263.

NDP Opposition Leader Rachel Notley on Monday pushed the government to hold an emergency debate in the Legislature on the health care crisis amid surgery cancellations, inaccessible services in some areas and ambulance delays.

“COVID-19 has obviously been a factor in this regard, but the UCP’s ongoing war on doctors, nurses and other front-line health care professionals in Alberta has also been a factor,” he said. said Notley, who called for a comprehensive plan to recruit frontline health services. – caregivers.

“The UCP government has, over time, created an increasingly toxic relationship with the dedicated healthcare workers of Alberta, who have endured unimaginable stress and heartache as the system in which they work becomes unimaginable. collapsing around them due to the Prime Minister’s shocking mismanagement of the pandemic. Said Notley, who highlighted 24 communities across Alberta where hospitals have temporarily reduced care beds or spaces because they don’t have the staff to keep them running safely.


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Responding to Notley during question period, Premier Jason Kenney said there were more doctors and nurses than ever in Alberta, and Alberta Health Services is actively recruiting doctors with an additional $ 80 million for recruitment.

House Leader Jason Nixon rejected the NDP motion, saying it was an attempt to derail Private Members’ Business.

The Department of Health and the government are reacting to the new variant of Omicron with caution, Nixon said, without “undue” alarm.

“Alberta Health and AHS are conducting comprehensive investigations of all international travelers, including contact tracing and testing,” Nixon said, adding that federal travel restrictions may slow the spread and allow the province to adjust its policies if necessary. “We are also testing each COVID case for the new variant and we are maintaining our current measures regarding COVID-19.

“There have been many opportunities inside the chamber to discuss the new variant, there will be more,” added Nixon.

– With files from Hamdi Issawi and Lisa Johnson

Editor’s Note: The article has been updated to correct the number of new Omicron cases and the total number that have been identified in the province.



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