Aariel Maynor arrested for the murder of Jacqueline Avant – .

Aariel Maynor arrested for the murder of Jacqueline Avant – .

Los Angeles Police made an arrest in the murder of Jacqueline Before, the wife of music legend Clarence Avant. The 81-year-old was shot dead at the couple’s Beverly Hills mansion.
Police said Aariel Maynor, 29, was responsible for killing the philanthropist by gunshot at her home in wealthy Trousdale on Wednesday morning. Maynor has an extensive criminal record and was on parole, police said.

Just an hour after Avant’s death, police responded to yet another shooting at a house near Hollywood, where they located the suspect.

“He was in the house picking up some belongings and then after that somehow he unloaded a gun and apparently shot himself in the foot,” Deputy Chief Blake Chow said. of the LAPD. “Somewhere that night we had a nifty Hollywood watch commander who started putting two and two together and contacted Beverly Hills, and there were some similarities. “

Those similarities included the getaway vehicle that was captured on surveillance video heading for Hollywood and an AR-15 style rifle found in the second scene which detectives say was used to kill Avant.

Jacqueline Avant, Clarence Avant
Jacqueline and Clarence Avant in 2020.
Mark Von Holden / AP

Detectives haven’t had a chance to speak with Maynor because he’s in the hospital. They don’t have a motive for the murder yet.

On Thursday, the family of the philanthropist and former model expressed his gratitude to law enforcement and said in a statement, “Now let justice be done.”


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