A strange “cabin” spotted on the moon by a Chinese rover – .

A strange “cabin” spotted on the moon by a Chinese rover – .

Chinese lunar rover Yutu 2 will investigate what appears to be a mysterious cube-shaped “hut” on the moon after spotting it recently on the horizon.

The odd shape was first described in an article published last Friday on Our Space, which is associated with China’s National Space Administration.

In the post, Yutu 2 was driving in late October, navigating a complex region of the moon made up of large impact craters, when drivers noticed something strange in the distance while taking photos of the skyline with Yutu 2.

They observed what looked like a cube, protruding from the horizon far away from them. Although distant and therefore difficult to see properly, it looked unusually angular from other rocks, earning it the nickname “Mysterious Hut.”

According to Our Space, the “hut” is about 80 meters from Yutu 2’s current location. Although the rover has a top speed of 200 meters per hour, the rugged terrain it is in currently means the rover will need about two to three Earth months to actually reach the structure. But a plan is in place to investigate.

Yutu 2, which means “Jade Rabbit 2”, is part of Chang’e’s lunar exploration program. It is the first lunar rover to explore the so-called “dark side” of the moon, the side facing Earth. While the Dark Side has been observed from orbit, it has never been explored on the surface in this way.

The rover is currently heading west across the far side of the moon, crisscrossing a canyon to avoid steep slopes. The day he spotted the odd hut shape on the horizon, he had managed to climb a hill after finding himself blocked by slopes on three sides, according to Our Space.

While the cube-shaped object has sparked comparisons on social media to the monolith found on the moon in the 2001 sci-fi film: A Space Odyssey, it is much more likely to be simply a ‘a big rock.

Strange things have been seen on celestial bodies before, such as a photo taken of Mars by the Viking 1 orbiter in 1976 that appeared to show the face of a person emerging from the surface of the planet. Dubbed the “Face on Mars,” other photos have shown it to be a lighting trick on a specific rock formation.


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