79 NFL players tested positive for COVID-19 in November – .

79 NFL players tested positive for COVID-19 in November – .

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Five other NFL players tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday. This brings the total for November to 79 positive cases among NFL players, reports Howard Balzer from allcardinals.com.

There were 26 positive COVID-19 tests among NFL players in September and 24 in October.

NFL Chief Medical Officer Dr Allen Sills recently said, via ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, that unvaccinated players have “consistently tested positive at a much higher rate than vaccinated players throughout the year. season ”.

Yet despite a high vaccination rate in the NFL, the number of positive cases is higher this year than it was around the same time last year when there was no vaccine.

In 2020, from training camp to November 28, 155 players tested positive for the virus. This year to date, including training camp, 225 players have tested positive, per Balzer.

For the entire 2020 season until the Super Bowl, there were 262 positive tests. So it seems very likely that the NFL sees more positive cases this year than last year.

COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon, and the virus could still play a role in who wins and who loses in the playoffs.


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