2022 Porsche Taycan GTS first test – .

2022 Porsche Taycan GTS first test – .

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Enlarge / It’s Porsche’s $ 131,400 Taycan GTS electric sedan, which goes on sale in the United States in the second quarter of 2022.

Jonathan Gitlin

LOS ANGELES — A few weeks ago we tasted Porsche’s newest 911 variant, the Carrera GTS. The naming conventions of automakers can be impenetrable to the casual observer, so in Porsche parlance, GTS stands for ‘Gran Turismo Sport’. It’s basically the ‘grab your cake and eat it’ model in the lineup, as it has more power and more precise handling than the standard car, but it’s less powerful (and cheaper) than the Turbo or the specialized GT-plus-a- plus. 911 number.

But today we will talk about the Taycan from Porche, as the company has now applied the GTS treatment to the battery electric vehicle. Anyone who has made the mistake of asking me which is my favorite car will know how deep my feelings for Porsche’s electric racing are. So when Porsche asked if we wanted to test a 2022 $ 131,400 Taycan GTS on the track in Willow Springs, Calif., It was an easy decision.

Enlarge / A GTS badged Porsche is not a track car, but it must be able to run on the track if necessary. And it’s probably less difficult to get an electric Taycan to face the track than a Macan or Cayenne SUV.


Truth be told, Porsche didn’t do a ton of reengineering work to create the Taycan GTS. The car uses the same front and rear drive units as the Taycan Turbo, but they are calibrated to produce less horsepower. The launch control allows gusts of 440 kW (590 hp) and a zero to 60 time of 3.5 seconds. The rest of the time, the Taycan GTS is rated at 380 kW (509 hp). Maximum torque, however, is identical to that of the Taycan Turbo at 849 Nm (626 lb-ft).

The two permanent magnet electric motors are powered by a 93.4 kWh lithium-ion battery (83.7 kWh usable capacity) which, like all Taycan models, operates at 800 V. This allows the car to recharge very quickly. quickly ; 5 to 80% take less than 22 minutes when the Taycan GTS is connected to a DC fast charger capable of powering the car up to 270 kW.

Porsche has also readjusted the suspension of the Taycan GTS compared to the Turbo, and the front brake discs are slightly smaller, but the additions are otherwise mostly cosmetic – new air curtains in the front, new side skirts on the side and shiny black trim.

Enlarge / It sounds like fun, and it is. The job comes when it’s time to turn the experience into an article.

André Hedrick

You also get a nice interior as part of the GTS treatment, including acres of Race-Tex fabric, seat embroidery, and brushed black aluminum trim that is a nice change from the ‘piano black’ plastic so common in new cars. Nowadays . And the center console’s USB-A ports are now USB-C ports to match the two for rear passengers.

But the Taycan still hits all the right notes, with a Type 911 riding position, a Type 911 view framed by the curved front fenders, and a curved digital main instrument display in front of you. (Unfortunately, the car also includes too many touchscreens; Audi made the right choice by going for buttons on the very close e-tron GT, which shares Taycan’s J1 platform.)

I admit it: this shape captured my heart.
Enlarge / I admit it: this shape captured my heart.


Porsche has always emphasized that the Taycan is still a good Porsche, so it makes sense that there is a long list of potentially expensive options available for the GTS, including rear axle steering, better adaptive suspension and some RS Spyder Design 21 inch alloy rims which look amazing and save a total of 11 lbs (5 kg) of unsprung weight (but that will damage the aerodynamic efficiency of the car).

In a less casual way, it also makes sense that the Taycan GTS could hold up on a track day, as any Porsche should be able to.

Of course, the Taycan GTS is not a natural track car. Porsche engineers aren’t afraid of this – their idea of ​​an electric track car is the Mission R. As mentioned, however, the Taycan was designed to be a Porsche first and foremost, so if anyone wants to take it a Taycan for a few hot laps, the vehicle has to run well if it wants to wear the GTS badge. If the Cayenne and the Macan can do it, after all …

We rode Willow Springs in follow-up sessions with an instructor.
Enlarge / We rode Willow Springs in follow-up sessions with an instructor.

Jonathan Gitlin

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