1950s Retro, Jughead’s Paradox – .

1950s Retro, Jughead’s Paradox – .

Riverdale Going back to his Archie Comics roots for his next 100th episode – and damn it, doesn’t he look bloated?

The landmark episode, which airs Tuesday, December 14 at 9 / 8c on The CW, takes Archie and the gang back to the 1950s, enjoying time at Pop’s in retro outfits from the original Archie comics. Archie, Betty, and Veronica share a milkshake – and yes, that classic love triangle is in full force here – while Jughead sports his signature crown hat and Fangs wears a black leather jacket.

But what brings this explosion of the past? The episode, which also marks the final installment of the “Rivervale” event, in five episodes, is titled “The Jughead Paradox” and the official description is cryptic: “Pissed off by a series of strange events around him , Jughead’s quest for answers leads him to uncover the truth about Rivervale. Is it an alternative dimension? Is all this just a dream? Was the event just a novel Jughead is writing? After all the madness this show has thrown at us, we can’t rule anything out.

The photos also tease some contemporary moments, including Archie with his arm around Betty, looking very much of a couple – and the return of Ethel Muggs! (We haven’t seen her since Season 4.) Check out the gallery to the right – or click here for direct access – for a first look at Riverdalethe 100th episode, and take a stand in the comments below to share your thoughts and predictions.


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