10 most boring wrestlers of 2021 – .

10 most boring wrestlers of 2021 – .

The boring fight is much worse than the bad fight.

2021 was far from a dull year for the business as a whole. Live crowds returned after a solid year or so, and WWE decided to step out Everybody amid scathing social media responses to claims workers have been released due to “budget cuts.” Meanwhile, AEW continued to grow to be a real alternative for unwanted wrestlers at Vince McMahon’s Gate.

There were the peaks of WrestleMania 37, the violent visuals of All Elite’s “Blood & Guts” – yes, things weren’t exactly boring for fans all along. Well, maybe except when those wrestlers were on screen sucking energy from buildings as if their only lifeblood was pure apathy.

Make no mistake: The stars of WWE and AEW included aren’t necessarily terrible performers, but they haven’t had a banner year. In fact, each of them was responsible for some of the most mind-numbing matches / promos / segments between January and December, and it’s just too late in the day for any of them to save things now.

You won’t agree with each of these choices, which is fair enough. Others border on the indisputable, however. That’s how boring they were.

Might as well start with the most obvious, eh?

This writer is inclined to claim that Nia Jax used her full value in 2018. WWE burned her ‘body pride’ story over pint-sized female dog Alexa Bliss, then… That wasted babyface run sent Jax into a tasteless reservation funk spiral.

She would never recover and was finally released in November 2021 after stinking of joints all year round. To recap, Nia’s one “hot” moment of the year was a thorny shoot-style swap with Charlotte Flair in August. Other than that, Jax sucked in tags hard alongside crime-abused Shayna Baszler.

His angle of relationship with the sommelier Reggie, who loves flips, was also uninteresting. If anyone can name even one must-see Jax match in 2021, then yours truly would be surprised. His WWE career had stumbled along this path for years.


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