YouTube Temporarily Suspends Ron Johnson’s Channel Due to COVID-19 Misinformation – .

YouTube Temporarily Suspends Ron Johnson’s Channel Due to COVID-19 Misinformation – .

Son. Ron JohnsonRonald (Ron) Harold Johnson Hillicon Valley – Immigrants Placed in Surveillance Programs YouTube Temporarily Suspends Ron Johnson’s Channel Due to COVID-19 Misinformation GOP Sees Inflation as a Winning Problem MORE(R-Wis.) ‘S YouTube account was suspended for a week from Friday for uploading content violating the platform’s COVID-19 disinformation policy.
The video that triggered the suspension was a roundtable in which lawmakers falsely claimed coronavirus vaccines are dangerous.

“The figures updated today are 17,619,” he said. “That’s 225 times the number of deaths in just 10 months compared to an annual figure for the flu shot. These vaccine injuries are real. “

Johnson was citing figures from the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) self-reporting database. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that the reports in the system, which can easily be manipulated by activists hoping to prove a point, “do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem.”

“Once again, Big Tech is censoring the truth,” Johnson said in a statement. “Why don’t they let the injured vaccines tell their stories and the medical experts give a second opinion? Why can’t we discuss the harmful effects of mandates? Apparently, the Biden administration and federal health agencies should not be interviewed. How many lives will be needlessly destroyed? “

Another roundtable participant said coronavirus vaccines do not prevent death, independently violating YouTube policies, which ban content on COVID-19 that poses a serious risk of serious harm or disseminates misinformation that contradicts guidelines from health authorities.

The video of the roundtable was removed by the platform, a YouTube spokesperson told The Hill, although a shorter version of the discussion was allowed to remain in place.

“We develop our policies to reduce the risk of harm in the real world, updating them as official guidelines evolve, and we consider the context of a video to make exceptions that balance open discussion.” on people’s experiences with preventing the spread of harmful disinformation, ”the spokesperson said.

Under the platform’s three-warning rule, if the account violates the policy again within 90 days, a two-week suspension will apply. If a third violation occurred within the same amount of time, the channel would be permanently deleted.

This is the second time Johnson has been temporarily suspended under YouTube’s coronavirus disinformation policy. His channel had download privileges revoked in June for posting a video on alternative therapies to treat COVID-19. He also called the application of the platform’s clearly defined policy at the time “censorship”.

Son. Rand PaulRandal (Rand) Howard PaulYouTube temporarily suspends Ron Johnson’s channel on COVID-19 disinformation Fauci blames Paul for saying he is responsible for the COVID pandemic. Republicans challenge Biden PLUS vaccine mandate (R-Ky.) Received a strike in August for falsely claiming masks were not an effective tool to prevent the spread of the disease.

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