WWE fan takes on wrestler Seth Rollins on live TV after apparent cat fishing incident – .

WWE fan takes on wrestler Seth Rollins on live TV after apparent cat fishing incident – .

Everything in professional wrestling is not predetermined or scripted.

Case in point: A professional wrestling fan attacked a WWE superstar on live television on Monday after it appeared he fell into the trap of an internet scam.

But it wasn’t the wrestler who ripped off the fan. He was obviously an impostor, pretending to be the WWE Superstar. The fan fell victim to what appears to have been cat fishing.

If you were watching WWE Monday Night Raw last night, you might have had a weird moment involving pro wrestling superstar Seth Rollins after his match.

As Rollins walked up the entrance ramp to the backstage, another individual suddenly pounced on the athlete, knocking him to the ground.

It happened on and directly. And while the TV cameras quickly cut off once they realized it wasn’t part of the show, the brawl always took place in full view of the crowds at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.

Images capture by smartphones all over the arena quickly made its way online showing how long the fan kept Rollins on the ground, pulling his hair out, as referees and security guards attempted to pull the man away from the wrestler professional. A few fan videos later show the man being escorted out of the arena.

According to ESPN, Elisah Spencer, 24, was arrested Monday evening and charged with “attempted assault and attempted violation of the arts and cultural affairs (disruption of a live sporting event)”.

An Instagram account allegedly owned by the fan quickly began to spread on social media. Based on years of images and videos, and a history of Rollins-related posts, the account appears to belong to the suspect.

When Mashable contacted Spencer, he responded first, saying he would make a statement, but did not respond to future messages.

In a video posted to the Instagram account from inside Barclay’s Center before WWE Raw uploaded, Spencer can be seen discussing his plans for the night with a group of people sitting in his section he seems to know.

“I know how I’m going to do this now,” Spencer can be heard saying, who does not appear on camera. “When he comes out, ‘choo’ knock him out. “

Spencer, who is holding the camera, also repeatedly shows his COVID-19 vaccination card to the camera with his name displayed.

In an Instagram story posted today, Spencer claims he “used to be cool” with Seth Rollins “until a business deal went wrong.”

Spencer went on to post a series of screenshots via Instagram Stories which he says show his interaction with WWE’s Seth Rollins via chats on online platforms such as WhatsApp and Google Hangouts.

Spencer posted a 2019 conversation between him and the fake Seth Rollins.
Credit: Whatsapp screenshot posted on Instagram

In these posts, Spencer seems to believe he’s actually engaging with the real Seth Rollins. It is clear that it is not.

Spencer doesn’t seem to realize he’s caught.

Cat fishing is when someone pretends to be someone else online. A bad actor will often target an individual and make them believe they are talking to someone whose identity they have stolen.

For example, while the WhatsApp account shows the username Seth Rollins, it’s not even the artist’s real name. In fact, Spencer himself seems to know from his Instagram videos that Rollins’ real name is Colby Lopez.

Spencer posted a screenshot of his contact with “Seth Rollins”.
Credit: Instagram screenshot

In messages which Spencer says are from 2019, Seth Rollins’ account asks Spencer if he can borrow money as he tries to get in touch with his wife, WWE Superstar Becky Lynch .

The fake Seth Rollins cat fishing scam on WhatsApp.
Credit: Whatsapp screenshot posted on Instagram

It is not clear what reason the Rollins account gives as to why it is asking a stranger online to send it money. It’s also unclear whether Spencer sent him the money and, if so, how much. However, the messages follow patterns often found in money order and online bank check scams.

WhatsApp screenshots posted by Spencer on Instagram.

The scammer starts his scam in these screenshots posted by Spencer.
Credit: Whatsapp screenshot posted on Instagram

In a separate conversation, the Rollins account tells Spencer that he will send him a check. These scams typically work like this: Spencer would be asked to cash the check and send a certain amount to someone else. As for the additional remaining sum? Spencer could keep it, a reward for helping Rollins. The scam, however, is that the check is fake and Spencer would be indebted for the money he sent to the person the scammer asked him to send it to. And one version of that seems to be what actually happened.

Spencer calls Rollins in a screenshot.

Spencer seems to understand the scam, albeit too late, but still seems to believe he’s talking to the real Seth Rollins.
Credit: Whatsapp screenshot posted on Instagram

It appears that Spencer acted on the cashing or depositing of the check sent to him from the Rollins account. In subsequent messages, Spencer tells the Rollins account that he is going to the police because the checks turned out to be false. He even claims that his significant other was arrested because of the fraud.

Spencer's messages denouncing the scam.

A screenshot posted by Spencer details how he allegedly discovered the checks were forged.
Credit: Whatsapp screenshot posted on Instagram

In Spencer’s Instagram videos from the event, he and his companions all seem to believe Spencer has a legitimate relationship with the real Seth Rollins. They even speculate on Rollins’ reaction when they see Spencer, as if the professional wrestler knows him and what he looks like.

While Spencer has been arrested, reserved and will face charges for facing off against the real Seth Rollins at a live event, it seems clear that he is a victim in this situation as well.

The last few years have been particularly telling of what people believe just because they saw it online. Huge global issues involving QAnon conspiracy theories and disinformation about Vaccines against covid-19 to smaller events like a professional wrestling fan thinking his favorite superstar scammed him on WhatsApp, it’s clear that there is a major mismatch when it comes to media literacy and the internet.

But for now, it looks like people will continue to be cheated and scammed by bad actors online.

In fact, this isn’t even the first time that someone has apparently been trapped by a con artist posing as Seth Rollins.

In a 2019 radio interview, the WWE wrestler explained that he was aware of the many imposters who try to rip people off by pretending to be him. In one specific incident, a woman twice showed up at the home of the real Seth Rollins, claiming they were in a relationship based on conversations she had with a fake.

“Anything can happen to the World Wrestling Federation,” was one of WWE’s favorite slogans during the ’90s wrestling boom.

It turns out anything can happen in WWE yet.


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