WHO ignored Nu and Xi to avoid offending culture by naming new variant – .

WHO ignored Nu and Xi to avoid offending culture by naming new variant – .

‘Nu’ is too easily confused with ‘new’, and ‘Xi’ has not been used because it is a common surname, ”WHO said

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Speculation arose when the World Health Organization (WHO) chose to skip the expected sequel to the Greek alphabet to name the new variant of the coronavirus discovered in South Africa last week. Like the other ‘Beta’ and ‘Delta’ variants, the next names were to be ‘Nu’ and ‘Xi’, but the organization opted for ‘Omicron’ instead.

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His son, Donald Trump Junior, is still fanning the flames.

“As far as I’m concerned, the original [name] will always be the Xi variant, ”he said in a tweet.

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The WHO has faced widespread criticism of its handling of China throughout the pandemic and accusations that it has bowed to pressure from China. This includes its investigation into the origins of the virus, which emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of 2019.

A WHO investigation into the Wuhan Institute of Virology, located near the now infamous Wuhan market where the virus is said to have first appeared, found that the WHO team of scientists had not passed by. that four hours in the establishment and that their chaperoned investigation was limited to interviews with laboratory personnel.

In May of this year, the international health organization declared its adoption of the Greek alphabet system for naming variants of the virus, saying it was easier to say and remember.

«Xi [is] a family name that is particularly common among current Chinese presidents ”, tweeted political scientist Ian Bremmer in response to the Associated Press report.

Data from the Ministry of Public Security suggests that the Chinese president’s surname is the 296th most common surname in the country.

According to Forebears, a geographically indexed source for family history research, “Mu”, the latest variant named after a Greek letter, is a more common last name than “Xi.”

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