Who has been paid by the estate in the past 13 years – .

Who has been paid by the estate in the past 13 years – .

Jamie Spears has received a personal salary and concert commissions over the past decade, potentially totaling over $ 2 million.

Britney Spears with her father Jamie in 2006.

Chris Farina/Corbis via Getty Images

Conservators are required to file annual accounts of the assets of the conservator and the amount spent during the past year.

Large swathes of Jamie Spears’ accounting reports have been redacted from the public. Some details – a 62-cent interest payment from City National Bank here, a $ 70 purchase from Walgreens there – are listed and available for review. But dozens of pages of cash disbursements and business income are blacked out.

Among the publicly traded figures, however, are the co-curator’s fees for Jamie Spears. The 2020 report says the singer’s father received $ 128,000 in co-curator fees that year (Andrew Wallet, the other co-curator, earned $ 27,100 over the same period). The 2019 accounting report includes similar figures.

The 2020 accounting report also indicates that the guardianship paid more than $ 75,000 in “miscellaneous conservation expenses”, as well as approximately $ 100,000 more for an expense redacted in the documents.

California law allows conservatives to pay the expenses and fees of their labor themselves, and accounting reports are reviewed by the judge overseeing the guardianship.

But a July filing from Rosengart contextualizes some of the fees Jamie Spears paid himself.

“For illustration only, since at least 2009, Mr. Spears has paid himself $ 16,000 per month from Ms. Spears’ estate, $ 2,000 more than he allocated to Ms. Spears,” Rosengart wrote. . “Mr. Spears also pays himself an additional $ 2,000 per month for office expenses – again, from Ms. Spears’ estate. “

In addition to conservation costs, Jamie Spears was entitled to income from his daughter’s record sales and concerts.

The exact figures are not included in the unredacted portions of the accounting reports filed with the court. A letter filed in court by Rosengart estimated that Jamie Spears earned at least $ 2.1 million from Britney Spears’ Las Vegas residence in the mid-2010s, and $ 500,000 from her Femme Fatale tour in 2011.

Jamie Spears’ attorney did not immediately return Insider’s request for comment.


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