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what to know – .

Los Angeles could face a fifth wave of the novel coronavirus as cases increase in the major US city.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer acknowledged the increase when speaking to reporters on Thursday, according to the deadline.

  • “It’s troubling to continue to see a slight increase in the number of cases and now obviously no drop in our hospitalizations,” Ferrer said, according to Deadline. “I think it’s too early to say whether we’re in a fifth wave or not. We hope at best it will be a small bump and nothing like last winter.
  • She said it “takes all of us” to stop a wave of coronavirus.

Currently, data from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the Los Angeles County transmission rate to be 84 new cases per 100,000 population, according to Patch.com. That’s up from the mid-1970s last week.

The colder weather may be to blame, Ferrer said, according to Patch.com. Current conditions favor the spread of the coronavirus, especially as holiday gatherings begin to take place.

Ferrer said there is a clear indication that COVID-19 has seasonality, which means the virus will spread differently in all seasons. But it is important to remain vigilant as the winter months approach.

  • “We all went through a devastating November / December last year,” Ferrer said. “We have to learn from past history so as not to move quickly when we see a slight downtrend as we head into colder weather,” she said, according to Deadline.

In order to slow the spread, mask warrants could last in Los Angeles County until 2022, Ferrer said, according to The Pasadena Star-News.

  • “I think, again, we need to do what we know that works – get more people vaccinated, wear our masks when we’re inside, because, again, that’s a powerful way to. prevent transmission, ”she said.


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