What to do if you want to protect your children – .

What to do if you want to protect your children – .

Then after bedtime – when we are exhausted from the day and sure that if we hear “may I have a drink of water” once more, we will sink into permanent insanity – we quietly close the door. from their room and feel a hint of gratitude. We know that those dinner complaints and bedtime negotiations mean they’re healthy and growing, and everything is fine.

Parents, we are doing absolutely everything to protect our children, and in this pandemic, you have. You understood how to support their virtual learning while working your job. Some of you have even quit your job to help your children. You’ve found ways to create play dates and birthday parties online. You have chosen to be vaccinated.

There were times when you probably felt like whatever you were doing wasn’t enough, but I want you to know: you carried your family through this. You are doing an incredible job.
The President and I understand how difficult this pandemic has been for your family. We care about you and your children. Joe and his team work every day to give you what you need to keep your family safe.

This is why I am so excited that now you have a new way of doing it: a vaccine for children 5 years and older.

During my travels to over 30 states this year, many of you have asked me when this is going to happen. Now it’s here – not just another way to protect your kids from Covid-19, but the best way. It has been carefully examined and rigorously tested. It’s certain. It’s free and available to all eligible children in the country.

Find a clinic nearby by going to Vaccines.gov. Joe’s administration has worked closely with pediatricians and pharmacists to ensure that thousands of schools and over 100 children’s hospitals can offer injections, so you can find a convenient location no matter where. you live.

Parenthood and worry go hand in hand. This is what we do. I cannot promise you that the dangers of the world will become less frightening. Wait for your kids to start driving!

With this vaccine, however, we can help address at least one of those concerns. A large.

From the day you first held your sweet and fragile little baby, you have made the choice, time and time again, to keep your child safe. Having your children vaccinated against Covid-19 is also your choice. Make the decision to protect your children with the same vaccine that has already saved millions of lives.


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