What Elon Musk said in a tweet on Parag Agrawal, other Indian tech CEOs – .

What Elon Musk said in a tweet on Parag Agrawal, other Indian tech CEOs – .

New Delhi: Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Monday praised Indian talent in America after Parag Agrawal was appointed CEO of Twitter.

“The United States benefits greatly from Indian talent! Mr. Musk said in a tweet.

The entrepreneur was responding to a tweet about how people of Indian descent now run some of the biggest tech companies like Microsoft, Google and IBM.

Mr Agrawal, 37, is the latest person of Indian descent to run a large US-based tech company, after CEO of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, Sundar Pichai and Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella. .

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey announced on Monday that he would be leaving the company. Mr Dorsey led the social network during the uproar of Donald Trump’s presidency and survived an ouster offer from an activist investor in 2020.

Mr. Agrawal takes the reins of Twitter at a time when the company seeks to move towards growth and move away from battles for free speech.

He joined Twitter in 2011 and became CTO in 2017. In his message to staff, Mr. Dorsey said Parag Agrawal is behind every critical decision and has helped turn the business around.

“He leads with heart and soul, and he’s someone I learn with every day. My confidence in him as CEO runs deep, ”Mr. Dorsey said of Mr. Agrawal.


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