Virgin Media customers take action NOW for cheaper broadband – offers end today – .

Virgin Media customers take action NOW for cheaper broadband – offers end today – .

It’s not often that Virgin Media offers its customers massive price reductions on broadband, but that’s exactly what anyone signing up today will be treated to. The telecommunications company reduced the cost of its fast fiber Internet access with things starting at just £ 25 a month for a fast connection at 100 Mbps. At this rate, you can download a Full HD movie in about 10 minutes. Virgin’s M100 typically costs £ 44 per month, so this offer saves over £ 300 during the 18-month contract, which is a pretty impressive discount.

If 100 Mbps seems too slow for your frenzied Netflix family, then there are other deals to grab hold of, including Virgin’s M200 service (208Mbps speeds) for £ 31 or faster M500 broadband (speeds 508 Mbps) for just £ 43 per month.
Those who opt for the M500 will find that the same blockbuster movie hits their TV in about a minute, and a new PS5 title could be sent to the console in just 14 minutes, which is about 90 minutes faster than the current UK average.

There’s a £ 35 setup fee to pay, but other than that it’s pretty good savings that beat most of its rivals. As an example, Sky offers slower speeds of 59 Mbps in its sale for £ 25 per month.

The only problem you need to be aware of is that Virgin’s Black Friday deals will end today, Monday, November 29th, so you have no more time to make the decision and sign up before things hit a high price tag. .

Along with this broadband deal, there’s another tempting Black Friday treat with Virgin offering a 43-inch LG smart TV worth over £ 350 to those who switch to its TV packages. The deal, which started on Black Friday itself (November 26) but ends tomorrow, November 29, 2021, is available to anyone who signs up for Bigger Bundle + Movies, Bigger Bundle + Sports, Bigger Bundle + Sports and Movies, or the ultimate Volt pack. All of these packages come with the latest Virgin Media TV 360 set-top box, dozens of pay-per-view channels, and a fast internet connection to stream from Netflix, Prime Video and more.
The free 43 inch TV is from LG and has all the trimmings you would want with a modern Smart TV. This means that it supports picture quality up to 4K Ultra HD – perfect because Virgin Media’s 360 TV box is also capable of streaming movies and box sets in this razor-sharp format. The LG designed TV would typically set you back £ 369. If Virgin Media were to run out of stock due to unprecedented demand for the offering, it pledged to send “products of equal value”. In other words, you will always get free TV.


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